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Garmin 2460 LMT maps not loading...

Need help,
My 2460 was working well, running map 2013-10. Will be going on holidays shortly, and decided to update my maps to 2013-20. Did not work. Tried again still would not work. Not sure, but I think I may of erased the data in my unit. Here is what is now hapening when I turned it on, it tries to load maps but just sits there, left it for 5 minutes still the same . Tried to shutt it off, would not, had to hold the button for around 5 sec. then it shut down.
How can it be re-booted?? or set to factory settings??
Has anyone ever had this problem. Can someone pls. help me.
Thanking you all in advance for any input. PS. would like to be able to keep my saved locations if possible.



  • alanb 529 Points
    I don't know if Boyd's method for recovering the 3xx0 nuvi will work on the 2460, but it may be worth a try. See his post here: Nuvi 3760 stuck on loading maps
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Worth a try, but probably not. That trick only works on models that have a "sleep" mode, and I'm pretty sure the 24x0 series doesn't.
  • class3 52 Points
    It sounds like your unit is suffering from a corrupted map or firmware. This is a pretty serious problem that is normally best left to Garmin to fix. You should contact them for advice. If it's still under warranty, I would ask them to fix it.

    If it's out of warranty or you would like to fix it yourself, you have a couple of options.

    The first option is to try a master reset. Note: A master reset will erase all waypoints or Favorites and will restore your unit to the default factory settings. The procedure is found here:{a0eb2e40-0a59-11e1-73d0-000000000000}

    If the master reset does not work, you'll have to do advance troubleshooting that involves possibly reloading firmware in a maintenance mode. I wouldn't attempt this unless you're very computer savvy. I don't know the exact procedure and don't want to give you bad info, but search the internet with terms like "nuvi stuck at loading maps" or "nuvi can't load maps."

    This user had the same problem and eventually fixed it. Maybe you can contact him and find out his exact procedure:
  • nurvus 0 Points
    Thank you very much for your input. I tried alanb, and Boyd idea, but did not work, thanks anyways.
    Will now try Class3 advice will post later. Again I thank you.
    nurvus :wink:
  • nurvus 0 Points
    Tried the master re-set as per Class3. Did not work, I pressed yes to delete favorites but all it does is staying on that screen and trying to load maps the are not there. Anymore ideas.
    nurvus :(
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Time to call Garmin support...
  • Mine does the same thing. 2460lmt. Once it kicks in again it works fine until you hook up to the PC via usb and start sending data. It has something to do with using the USB cable to transfer data and or map's. It is after using the USB for transferring that it get's confused. I find I have to keep trying to start it and pressing the power button during starts,etc. I haven't tried like Boyd said yet due to I just read this process today but next time I will. It's a pain for sure.
  • BobbyC 81 Points
    I had something similar after hooking up my USB cable in my attempt to register my 2455LMT. When I powered it up in the car I got the icon that you get when connected to the PC - and it just sat there.

    Not sure what I did - just powered up & down a few times and it came back eventually. But I will monitor this thread because I bet it will happen again and I'd like to know the proper procedure.
  • I just sent mine (2460) back to Garmin. Kept crashing after favorite transfers and would take a lot of power up tries to get it to come back on. Sometimes on the road it would crash instantly after pressing "home" or whatever too.
    But the failure to restart after a transfer ticked me off. They are going to exchange it for a rebuilt. I'm glad I'm in Warranty.
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