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Motorola MotoNav TN765T Skin



  •`s easy to send the wrong pic, as I just did.....will have to answer your question later, as I just got a phone call and have to leave for a couple of hours, I`ll help more later.....
  • pic doesn't show on forum like yours,
    only give link...
    How do you input into forum?
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    You need to use the full URL that points to the image itself. What you have done will not work because the URL points to a script instead of an image.

    Here is the correct way to do it. Use the Quote button to see what I did.

  • Thank you Boyd for your assistance while I was out on the road a bit. the picture that Boyd has posted, the actual picture of the contents of your tn765t?
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Happy to help somebody from Central New York. I was on the faculty at SUNY Oswego and lived in Sterling (near Lake Ontario) for many years myself. :)
  • Oh gosh, that`s just a hop, skip and a jump from my location. I`m approx 16 miles due South of the Wolcott area. Bet you don`t miss some of these torrid winter weather events from around this area, hahahahaaa.
  • wisejayc 31 Points
    edited October 2012
  • Thank you, Boyd]
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    @wisejayc: I meant that you could use the "quote" button to inspect the code that I used to post the screenshot. I didn't mean that you should actually post a quote. :wink: Glad I could help.

    @moondog: Wow, that's the first time I've heard of Wolcott in years! Yes, I remember it very well. I loved Central NY, but you're right, I don't miss the winters very much. It was about 80 degrees here today. :)
  • @Boyd....hahahaahaha, I thought you`d say that (about the winters)....
    @wisejayc......ok, while inspecting your Motonav folder, your datazip doesn`t really look "right" other words, it looks like it`s a text . document icon, instead of a zip file icon.
    What does it say, when you right click on the datazip, and select "properties"......I feel we`re getting closer to maybe what your problem is.....
    Also, do you currently have any program that is capable of opening zip file, such as winzip, 7 zip, or Winrar already loaded onto your pc?
  • I just had new skin installed,
    Previous must be damaged,
    I just re-downloaded from ,
    and paste into Motonav folder and renamed as
    it worked...
    Thanks Guys... :D
  • That`s GREAT!!`re quite welcome. Enjoy the new look on your unit...... I didn`t really think that the posted pic of your zip file looked "right".......
  • @wisejayc.....I almost forgot about your POI question. I did try the Post Office search for your area, and I see what you meant about the results after it completed "searching"....
    Just for the heck of it, try doing this.....tap on the screen to where it says "enter destination" the far right hand corner (on top) where it says "recent trips", tap slightly to the right of those letters, (right near the very top of the screen) on the 3 symbols showing there. It will now, show "catagory results"......scroll downwards, until you get to the A-Z lettering, and then scroll down more until you see "Post Offices", then tap on that tab, and see if the results are any better. Be sure tho, that you have a satellite lock when doing this procedure.....
  • It's not question of not showing, database just don't have lots of POIs,
    so that need to import into GPS, otherwise GPS can't set to go there...
  • Kind of wondering maybe buy current IGO8 or Garmin map and use in TN765T?
    or buy any other current Map and work with TN765T?
    Please help, if you know How?
  • Hi,
    Just stumbled across this thread :shock:
    I am a new user from the UK and just bought one of these sat navs.
    Can anyone please provide a link to the latest blueTOOTH skin ?
    Many thanks.
  • @ Spyder,

    Thanks for the info of being able to edit again. The new option is much better than no edit at all.

    @ josephab,

    Here is the path to follow.

    Save to your desktop.


    open navigatemap_854_358 with Notepad++ or Notepad go to edit/find next and type in color=#FF9900 click find next (This is the orange color). Replace with color=#F F F F F F (this will be white). Continue until all have been changed. Save changes and install the revised Choose Ok to copy and replace the previous Your font will now be white instead of orange.

    FYI the bright green color is 00FF00 if you wish to make changes there also.

    NOTE: This post made it appear to have spaces between the F's for the white. However no spaces are to be used.

    Good luck!

    I am leaving tomorrow for a trip to Arkansas. To try out the Modifications on the Road.

    Ramrod :D
    Thanks for that info, i have now edited the size of the text using the above,
    Can you please tell me how to make the shaded area the text sits in darker ?
    I just want the text to stand out more.
    Many thanks Jacko.
  • Re the above,
    I have now found how to edit text size and know how to darken the
    shaded info.
    I now need to know how to enlarge and reduce the shaded area the text sits in.
    Can anyone help ?
    I keep coming back to this thread but it looks dead :( :(
  • Ignore all the above.
    After much playing around and editing i managed to do all i needed.
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