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Charger for nuvi 3590

I have a nüvi 3590 Garmin.

I asked Garmin if I could use my cell phone charger in USA and Germany to charge my Garmin.

My question was

"Have a cell phone charger. Input 100 - 240 V Output 5.1V 0.7A

Can I use this to charge my 3590 in USA and Europe?"

Their answer
"I would not recommend using any charger other than a Garmin charger as the unit may be damaged."

Is this true or are they just wanting to sell accessories?



  • SergZak 340 Points
    I've used all kinds of chargers for my nuvi units throughout the years (Garmin and off-brands) and have never had an issue. However, the particular power supply you use may put the nuvi into USB Mass Storage mode depending on how it's wired (the nuvi will think it's connected to a PC). It will still charge, but you won't be able to use the unit while it's connected.

    I believe Garmin is required to NOT recommend a non-Garmin charger, just like any other manufacturer would not recommend a non-branded charger.

    Also see this topic (it's a bit old but still valid)
  • popej 57 Points
    I think mass storage mode is not a problem for micro-USB charger, at least my nuvis can detect if there is PC or charger on the other end of the same cable.
  • Based on my experience with other USB gadgets (not nuvis specifically) I think it depends on the cable. A standard USB cable has separate conductors for data and for power. If the device senses the data conductor, even if it's just connected to a charging brick, it goes into mass storage mode. Cables that are made specifically for charging lack the data conductor. Since there's no data terminal on the micro-plug end, the device doesn't go into mass storage mode, it just charges while still doing it's normal thing.
  • Can confirm I use my Nuvi 3790 off a six volt supply on my vintage motorcycle.

    Just bought a little 'anyvolt' gizmo that delivers five volts and connected it to the red and black power lines in an old micro-usb lead. It works and charges fine, mount stuck to the speedo glass.

    Thus any five volts delivered via a micro-usb to the device mount should work in my view.

    Have to say the Nuvi is remarkably resilient, first time I did this the Nuvi fell out of my saddle bag and cartwheeled down the road at about fifty! It still works fine though the corners are a bit scratched.

    I now use a safety chain!

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