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GPS systems "translation"

Ramaprem 112 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
I need to get to a location in the forest, the "co-ordinates" of which are given on a Web site. I've found this location in Google Earth. But, clearly, the systems used are different. And my TomTom and Garmin use another system.

Is there a way to "translate" either one of the two above co-ordinates to the system used by our devices?

Web site: N 47.58.13 / E 008.43.38
Google: N 47.58.13.aa / E
(I'm using aa and bb because there is simply no way to be precise, in this instance. I cannot tell exactly where the person "was standing" when the location was marked.)

But - as I'm sure that you know - the devices seem to use another system. They need numbers of this form:

Can I get from one to another?


  • wbport 92 Points
    I don't know if this is what you want, but this site will convert to and from decimal degrees, degree (integer) decimal minutes, and degree & minute (integer) and decimal seconds.

    If you give two points, click on Dist. before See it on a map. Note the dropdowns for hemispheres, the defaults are set for Northern & Western.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points

    By way of putting a bit of energy myself into this issue, I found that the easiest thing to do was to change the preference in Google Earth.
    The on-screen co-ordinates system is simply a preference, which can be changed to show the format needed for the devices.
  • wbport 92 Points
    I keep everything in decimal degrees on all devices and programs. That is also the form used in .gpx files and the coordinates are all ready if you are doing any type of calculation with them.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    "Decimal Degrees", I think, is not the system used in .gpx files. That system is referred to as "Degrees, Decimal Minutes" - at least by Google, it is.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. What I'm not wrong about is how Google refers to this system: (x)
    It calls this Degrees, Decimal Minutes - and it certainly is what my nuvi accepts as input. At least, as default.

    When I use the "Where Am I" function on my nuvi (and TomTom, also), it provides me with co-ordinates in the Degrees, Decimal Minutes system:

    "Decimal Degrees" is another system - that's for sure.
  • wbport 92 Points
    IIRC, Decimal Degrees are used in the current.gpx file to place favorites and track where the device has been.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I have also just discovered that the manner of input for the navigation device (I did this with my TT; haven't bothered with my Garmin) is also a preference.
    One can choose the input/output co-ordinate system.

    My eTrex uses, also, the system which Google calls Degrees, Decimal Minutes. It results in 3 series of digits; the other gives only 2 series of digits.
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