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1450LMT changing route

I've been using the 1450 for 2 years or so, I typically plan a route in Mapsource then send it to the 1450. We're driving a motorhome and often prefer to stay on interstates even tho that may not be the shortest or fastest route. That's why I plan it in Mapsource to I can set the route the way I want it regardless of whether the gps likes it or not.

This has worked well.....until yesterday. I planned a route in Mapsource from Superior to La Crosse, WI that would keep us totally on 4 lane and/or interstate and sent it to the 1450.

When we navigated the route, it added a via point I didn't program and routed us on backroads that were definitely the shortest distance but NOT what I sent to the unit.

I've checked and re-checked settings on the 1450 and in Mapsource and can't find any reason for the unit to change the route I sent it.

What's the point of planning a route in the computer if it gets changed in the device.

Anybody have an idea why this happened and how to prevent it?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Your GPS will always recalculate an imported route based on the map it's using and its own routing and avoidance settings. Guess in the past you've just been lucky :)

    I too plan routes on my PC and import them to my 1490, although I now use Basecamp. More often than not they match, but I always check one against the other before I set out just to be sure :wink:
  • Your GPS will always recalculate an imported route based on the map it's using and its own routing and avoidance settings. Guess in the past you've just been lucky :)
    Good point on avoidances.
    Is it possible that you had traffic checked on avoidances that changes your route. Could be the traffic was already cleared but not updated by the Nuvi, or it was an erroneous traffic condition. I myself have traffic turned off since it's quite unrelaible in my area. Far too many re-routing that was not necessary and made my trip longer.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    I too have the traffic avoidance switched off. If I get a traffic alert I then decide to avoid it or not :wink:
  • Thanks for the responses. I guess I've BEEN lucky in the past because, as I said, I've done it this way with a Quest and the 1450 for about the past 10 years and never had this happen before.

    I re-checked avoidances and there were no conflicts between the unit and Mapsource. Traffic was OFF.

    The route I planned was WAY longer than usual in order to stay on 4 lane and interstates and keep peace in the family. Mama DOES NOT enjoy narrow 2 lane roads in the RV and doesn't hesitate to remind me of that fact. :twisted:
  • and.....if the 1450 decides to change my route that I have painstakingly created in the PC, what's the point of painstakingly creating it in the first place?
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Just check it once you've got it on your GPS. Most times it matches, just occasionally I need to add another via to get it correct. Easier than trying to do it as you're driving.
  • I think what happens is anytime you get a recalculate it forgets you are on a route and does its own thing.

    A work around I use go to routes and select the route you were on and when it says to navigate to start I input NO and now you are back on you programed route.

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