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Shapping points?

I have just gotten a 3597 which will honor the shaping points in trips generated in basecamp (nice). However I do not find a way to put these into a trip from the GPS unit itself. Is this possible?


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Unfortunately it's not, I have a 2508 which does the same but allows shaping points from Basecamp, I understand all the 2013 nuvis do so.

    I have suggested to Garmin that it should be possible to do this on the nuvi itself but the more voices the better

    I've also suggested that there should be a simple way of 'missing' a via point in a trip, something along the lines of an icon on the main screen that says 'Skip next point'
  • A follow up. I generated a trip using basecamp using shaping points, transfered to my 3597. A review of the trip did not show junction views, however the same route generated on the GPS with the same vias did! The route involved a number of interstate junctions where the JV's should and did occur.
  • I did not look close enough!, another trip transferred from basecamp which does not have shaping points also does not show JVs.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Just tried on my 2508 and works the same with routes transferred from Basecamp, no junction views :roll:

    I'll raise it across at the Garmin forums.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Work around is to force a recalculation on the GPS. This retains any shaping points sent and then gives junction views.
  • Thanks, I think I just stumbled upon that one, you saved me the time of verifying it. Now onto Thanksgiving dinner!!
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