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765 update with garmin Express

I went to update 2014-30 on my 765 and it said there wasn't enough room. The odd part was a window came up asking me to let it remove all unused files, voices, etc. I let it and it went into a download which failed after about an hour. It came up with q retry button so I let it retry and it ran successfully. In the process it did give me a window to select the voices I wanted.


  • I had the same problem with Express and my 765 a year or so ago -- not enough space, according to GE. I was 99% sure I had enough space, so I ditched GE and went back to MapUpdater. It's updated about the last 2 or 3 map updates flawlessly. Sounds like the latest version of GE is still buggy, at least for the older nuvi models.
  • I updated both my 765T and 3597. Both got updated with no issue using Garmin Express.
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