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Nuvi50LM microSD Cards

I want to buy a memory card for my Nuvi50LM. Maybe these are silly or simple questions, but I could not find answers. (There was not enough room for the full map when I did my last update, and I did not have time to look for what is taking up so much space. I will do that, but if I do want to get a card ...)

The Garmin web site offers a 4GB microSD card, and the web site says the 50LM can handle up to 8 GB.
Will reading from an 8 GB card be slower than a 4 GB card of the same speed class?

The Garmin site says the 50LM is compatible with all classes of cards.
What speed is needed so that reading a map from the card does not slow down map drawing, etc? In particular, is there any advantage in buying anything faster than a class 4 card, which seem common and inexpensive?



  • sussamb 936 Points
    Basically unless you plan to put lots of additional maps on your card 4gb should be large enough. Class isn't really an issue so just buy whatever you want.
  • scpeters 31 Points
    I'll second sussamb's comment; I have a 4GB class 4 card I got on eBay in my 50LM and it works just fine. I would recommend eBay for nice cheap cards, although I would stick with one of the more well-known brands like SanDisk or Kingston and stay away from brands you've never heard of.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    I personally use ONLY Sandisk SD cards, I have found them to very reliable.
    For my GPS's I use the Sandisk class4 8gb cards.
    I did buy them on Ebay at a reasonable price but use caution when buying on Ebay.
    There are counterfeit Sandisk cards being sold there so be careful of whom you are buying from. I don't buy from overseas vendors and the seller MUST state they are Genuine SD cards.

    Once the card arrives i take a strong magnifying glass and record the serial number. On a micro card it's quite difficult to see. Once I have the serial # I go to the Sandisk Web Site and register the card. Whenever I've done that I always have gotten a confirmation with the warranty expiration date. I'm sure if the card were counterfeit it wooldn't permit registration.
  • t923347 533 Points
    On the other hand a class 4 8GB card bought from Best Buy or Amazon will not be counterfiet and if you have an issue with it not working with your Nuvi then it can be returned or exchanged. You can buy a Sandisk 16gb card on Amazon for $9.00
  • kenp 92 Points
    I second the idea of buying from someone you trust. When I needed a card for my 255W, I found a deal on a name brand 8 GB Class 6 card on Best Buy's site, $7, free shipping. No need to fret about it being counterfeit.

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