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New to Tomtom, whats the best model for Canada?

Zemartelo 202 Points
edited March 2014 in TomTom Car Forum
I have never owned a Tomtom and I am looking at maybe getting a unit because I am hearing good things about having up to date maps (even allows updated maps by users) and also traffic with the IQ routes.
I have looked at some units at my local Staples and FutureShop stores and I was not impressed with the layout or the map display so I am hoping those are just low models and that there are better units with more functions.
So what would be a great unit to get to drive in Canada?


  • dhn 330 Points
    I don't know where in Canada you are but if Live Traffic info is important to you, TomTom's info is about the best around. The only Live model in Canada is the Go LIVE 1535M. See here:

    Lifetime maps and 1 year of LIVE info (renewal at $60/yr) which includes Traffic, Local Search, etc.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    Thanks for the reply.
    I live in New Brunswick.
    Traffic is important but not when I have to pay $60.00 for that kind of info.
    But I hear they have excellent map updates and IQ routes.
    I will check the 1535m model.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    I am reading about the TomTom VIA 1535TM. Can anyone let me know if it offers custom Poi's and if it has Proximity alerts as well?
  • Tim 1474 Points
    I drive around New Brunswick quite often, @Zemartelo. As for the map quality itself (accuracy of road network) I'd say Garmin and TomTom are fairly equal-- Garmin might have a slight edge. As for routing quality and accuracy I'd give an edge to TomTom.
  • dhn 330 Points
    Yes, you can add custom pois to a Via 1535 and assign warning sounds.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    What about the 2535TM WTE model? Is it any better than the 1535TM?
    I see that it doesnt have a Microsd card slot but with 8GB of internal memory it should be enough for maps.

    Does it allow custom POI's with proximity alerts too?
  • dhn 330 Points
    Yes it does.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    DHN thanks for the replies
    I dont really care for the live features (considering it cost $60.0 subscription) are there any other models you would recommend?
    I dont think real traffic is available for NB anyway (not even sure if it is available in the live package either) so Its not a very important feature for me.
  • dhn 330 Points
    Via 1535TM then.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    Its a hard model to find around the Via 1535TM.

    I do geocaching and I like to have the unit warn me when theres one nearby. :)

    Dhn, which models have Custom Pois, proximity alerts for custom Pois, trip planner, microsd card for expansion (if internal memory too small), at least rds traffic?
  • dhn 330 Points
    If you mean Itineraries by 'trip planner', then NO current models have that. If you mean Advanced Planning, then the Via 1535 TM has that. I've told you the features of the model. See more here:

    You can buy it directly from TomTom.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    is it true that the unit only has 2gb of internal memory? How does it fit the map for Canada, Us and Mexico?
  • dhn 330 Points
    It has 4 GB and a micro sd slot for additional maps.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    Dhn are yo sure it has 4gb of internal memory? Severa websites say that the 1532tm only has 2gbs. I wonder if thats the free space with the maps installed.

    Ive seen for sale the GO 2535TM. It doesnt have a microsd card. does it have the same features as the 1535tm?
  • dhn 330 Points
    I HAVE a Via 1535 model. It has 4 gb.

    I've given you a link to TomTom products. Investigate the features for yourself.
  • Zemartelo 202 Points
    Well I have a choice:
    I can get a used via 1535tm from someone for $110.00 or buy a new unit os sale for $160.00. :)
    Decisions decisions...
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