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When do you guess will Garmin 650 have significant price drop?

I have a Garmin Dakota 20 that I enjoy. I use it for walking, biking, and even some kayaking. But I’d like something with a bigger screen and a camera. The only trouble is my budget is about $200. Maybe $250 MAX. The Montana 650 looks like a very sweet machine. Do you guys think Garmin will release a new Montana in the next 12 months or so? And if so, do you think the 650 will drop to $250 or below? I believe the Montana released in June 2011 so I’d think it’s about time for a new model.


  • alanb 557 Points
    edited June 2014
    You can get a factory refurbished Montana 600 for 299.95 ( The 650 is $309.95. That is the best price I have seen. The Montana prices have stayed pretty static for over a year, which is probably an indication of their popularity.

    Unless the Monterra becomes more popular, I look for the high Montana prices to hold steady.
  • Draco_M 31 Points
    Thanks alanb. I'm sure you're correct. If an item is popular there is no reason to drop the price or release a new model. I think the Montana is popular on those ATV-type vehicles called "side-by-sides" which are selling very well themselves.

    A friend has a Montana. I will try to borrow it and if it's very cool I might just have to go for it. I have a feeling that a price drop might be coming if a new model is released, though.

    If anyone is interested in trading their Montana for my Dakota 20 plus cash please drop me a line. I really only need one handheld.
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    I think Garmin feels they already have released a new model - the Monterra. And it is even more expensive and very buggy. I got my Montana 600 3 years ago for $500 and the price has only dropped 10% in that time period. You never know what might happen, but I think you're dreaming if you want a new Montana 650 for less than $250 anytime over the next few years. JMHO.

    You can use the site to track amazon prices. Sometimes they drop for no apparent reason then bounce back up. The key is to jump on a sale if you find one. There are a few annual sales that have been pretty good in the past. REI has one for Labor Day IIRC, then of course there's Black Friday and right around Christmas/New Years you can usually find some deals. This makes me miss GPSTracklog… Rich always let us know when there was a good sale. :(

    Who knows, if they discontinue it the price could actually go up. I hear that people are selling the discontinued 60csx for ridiculous amounts these days.
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