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GarminExpress fgailing to update maps

I paid for lifetime map upgrades. Currently I have CN Southern Africa NT 2012.40 ALL installed. When I connected my Nuvi 2495 to the computer to download trip data, Express opened and indicated that there are 3 updates available. Great. 345 GB to download. I started but could not see anything happening or progress wheels etc. When I wanted to close, I got the message that updates are in progress and I may experience problems if I quit without completing the download. I got to pages where I had to accept the conditions, which I did, but it could just not complete and install the updates. Maps are still 2014.40. Any recommendations?


  • phs006 0 Points
    I rebooted twice and succeeded at last
  • privet01 221 Points
    Garmin's software, IMO, has never been very good at letting you know what it's currently doing much less giving you anything on the display to let you have a clue as to whether it's locked up or just processing files. Patience usually pays off.

    If you have any further problems with your maps, you might try the older Garmin Mapupdater......
    there is a Mac version too.
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