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No Possible Route

I borrowed a friend's TomTom Via 1535 TM to see if I liked the newer (than my old XL340) models. I did, but at a start from a location I had driven it to, the unit informed me there was "no possible route" to where I wanted to go. I'm wondering if the fact I was in a private parking lot off the street was the issue here, or possibly being parked under a tree. Any ideas?

FWIW, the unit had never been updated, so the map was "38 months old."


  • dhn 336 Points
    If the device could not detect a road near the location of the car, it is quite likely that you might have gotten that error. The fact that the map was over 3 years old may have played into it as, with current maps, it is often possible for routing to exist from places like parking lots as the route will show a series of dots to lead the vehicle to the nearest exit onto the closest road.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    My home is back in the woods, way off the road. I used to have a TomTom GO 920, and if I tried to start a route in the driveway before I got to the road, I would get a similar error. Same thing happened when set a "home" location at my house and tried to navigate to it, I had to set a location at my mailbox on the street instead.

    Now this was probably 7 years ago, but I guess TomTom software still does the same thing. With Garmin, routes work fine and the GPS just prompts with "drive to road".
  • I guess "drive to road" and "no possible route" mean the same thing, but the latter is more amusing.
  • t923347 533 Points
    Boyd said:

    With Garmin, routes work fine and the GPS just prompts with "drive to road".

    The other one I used to get all the time with my Garmin Nuvi's, because my street had not yet made it into the map data was "please drive to highlighted route" .

  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Jaywalker said:

    I guess "drive to road" and "no possible route" mean the same thing, but the latter is more amusing.

    They were certainly not the same thing on my Go 920. With the TomTom, it would not allow you to create a route to or from a location that wasn't on a street. I just got the error message. That was sometimes annoying when I wanted to enter a destination sitting in my car outside the house, before driving down to the paved road.

    With Garmin, it will happily route you to the nearest point on a paved road, and just give you the "drive to road" prompt while the route is still active. It seems to interfere with time calculations on my more recent Nuvis however. It would add several minutes to the estimate for me to go the 1000 feet from the road to my house. :)
  • Boyd, that's good to know.

    I've pretty much decided I need two units, one TT and one Garmin. Garmin for its better maps out west and the ability to plot a location not on a road, and a TT for the quick action of an unknown city, where exit choices come fast and where Garmin has recently sent me on many a merry chase, off and then back on freeways.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    I recall a number of years ago when a reviewer claimed Garmin knew where all of the parking lots were and where all of the lanes and exits were within the parking lots. The reviewer based that conclusion on the "please drive to the highlighted route" prompt and the dashed line which we know just goes straight to the nearest road. They touted that the Garmin knew the easiest way to get out of large parking lots. #fail
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Just the other day I was wondering if the people who design shopping center parking lots have ever actually driven around them. :-?
  • DaveM 161 Points
    I don't think so! If they did they would make them easier to drive around and get in and out of them.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    @Boyd, a friend of mine used to design parking lots for places like Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Fascinating stuff.
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