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Garmin GPS 64s - recharging the AA batteries


I have installed 2 AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (eneloop) into my Garmin GPS.

The batteries have now run out, and I was under the impression that if I hooked up the Garmins USB port with mains electricity supply (similar to charging a mobile phone), it would charge up the rechargeable AA batteries inside the Garmin.

I have just found out this is not the case. There does not seem to be a way of recharging the batteries while they are still inside the Garmin - or am I missing something??

Any advice much appreciated!


  • sussamb 829 Points
    That's correct, you need to charge the batteries separately, this is the case for all Garmin handhelds AFAIK. You can for some models, eg Montana, get 'battery packs' which do charge in the GPS, I'm not sure whether you can for the 64.
  • DaveM 161 Points
    You can use the Garmin "battery pack" that susamb talked about in the 64. For the price I would use the eneloop batteries and take them out to charge.
  • Boyd 2007 Points
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  • JohnCNA 36 Points
    If you look under the batteries, there is a black rubber button that gets depressed when using the Garmin battery pack. This tells the unit to allow charging batteries while they are installed. I have read of others who have taken a small flat piece of plastic and placed it over the button when using standard off the shelf AA's and it will then charge any type of battery used. Myself, I prefer to have a couple sets of batteries and use an external charger. But if you prefer in-device charging, you might give this a try.
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    I would be very careful with that… you are deliberately defeating a safety device designed to prevent damage or fire from trying to charge the wrong kind of batteries.
  • feebs 0 Points
    I think I will try a find a AA battery charger that can be hooked up to a portable battery pack - as I won't have access to mains voltage on some of the days I'm hiking.

    I just feel its all more complicated than it needs to be and the Garmin should have a good quality battery (i.e. not AA) that lasts a long times, and can be charged in the same way as a mobile phone.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Err ... they do if that's what you want, both the Montana and, from the posts above, the 64 it seems, have battery packs that can be charged 'in the same way as a mobile phone'.
  • DaveM 161 Points
    I agree with sussamb. You can buy the battery pack and then charge it with a USB cable in the unit like you would one with a built in battery. It’s the best of both worlds. To me the use of AA batteries is a big advantage over a unit with a built in battery. Even with my etrex that has 25 hour battery life I do rides that are longer then the battery life. Plus part of that time it will be dark and I will need to run the backlight so I will get less battery life. I can carry extra batteries and or stop at a store any buy disposable batteries. I would not consider buying a handheld or bike GPS with a built in battery, Garmin’s battery pack will also work in the Oregon.
  • feebs 0 Points
    This Garmin pack states its for the Oregon. Can you confirm that it will work for the Garmin 64s?

    Also - it has had really bad reviews on Amazon, with people saying the Garmin doesn't charge the AA properly, and also that it doesn't hold its charge for very long....
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