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etrex30 warnings

Hello- I'm new to all this, and an surprised by the lack of detailed instructions from Garmin. Does anyone know how to control turn warnings when in hiking mode? At present, it pings at each "node" in the route- but when opened on the computer, every node says "does not alert". I would like to have an alert at points I specify (eg when footpaths cross, where to leave the lane, etc- but not at every twitch! Thanks for any help


  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited October 2014
    AFAIK there is no way to alter that behaviour, it's exactly the same on my Etrex 20.

    I guess what you could do is set the alert sound to off then add proximity warnings at specific points, but to me that would be too much hassle. I quite like the occasional 'ping' to give confidence I'm still on route without having to look at the GPS.

    As for detailed instructions, have you viewed the full manual or just the supplied 'quick start' one. There is a full pdf manual on your Etrex in the Documents folder.
  • DaveM 161 Points
    Are you using a Route and a routeable map? It sounds like you are. If so and you set the via point to " dose not alert" it won't alert the point however it will still alert you to turns. If you go into "setup" then "Tones" then "Early Turn Waring" and "Final Turn Warning" you can set them both to off. You can also go into "Proximity Alarms" from the tone menu.Then turn on "Proximity Tones" you can set tones or turn them off for "Proximity Alarm", "Approaching Proximity Alarm" and "Leaving Proximity Alarm". Then from the main menu go into "Waypoint manager" Select the waypoint you would like to alarm by pushing in on the joy stick. Then push the "menu" button then go into "Set Proximity" You can then set how close you would like to be when it alarms.
  • DaveM 161 Points
    I was typing my reply and went and garbed my GPS powered it up and played with to to get the key strokes so I didn't see sussamb's reply. I agree with him I like the turn warnings and have them set to tones that are hard to miss. I wish I could make them louder. I will set a Proximity alarm if there's a place I don't want to miss.
  • Boyd 2009 Points
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  • Thank you all for your advice and experience. I'll dig deeper into the settings as DaveM suggests and have a go at proximity alarms. (I do agree that it is reassuring to have the tones saying you are on route, but I think it would be good to be able to set a tone to say you had deviated (substantially) from plan, rather than silence.).
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Well that's possible, go into Marine settings and set the 'off course' alarm. I have that set on my handhelds and find it very useful.
  • Oh- brilliant. I didn't realise that setings in (say) marine would transfer and be active in other profiles. I suppose that's the sort of thing I meant about the instruction manual. Many thanks, sussamb.
  • DaveM 161 Points
    Susamb is talking about Marine settings not profile. If you change it in one profile it will only be active in that profile. You should change it in the profile you are using. Most likely that's Hike in your case. Go into "Setup" then "Marine" then "Marine Alarm Setup" then "Off Course Alarm" enable it. It will then let you set how far off course you want to be before it alarms.
  • Thanks Dave for yet more clarification. I'll have it right shortly!!
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