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H/K GPS-810 - Who Has Battery Problem?

trdcamry08 0 Points
OK guys, I just want to know how many of us have battery problems with your GPS unit.

How long does your battery last?

Mine only lasted for about 1.5 hours on standby, although it says 4 hrs on the manual.

If most of our units last about the same as mine, then I can assume it's normal.

Now, I want to hear from you H/K GPS-810 owners.


  • About 2 hours of non stop use, way below its 4 hours specification.
    So it seems they lied a bit about that :cry:
  • I have not used my unit for about 9 months and now my battery is completely dead. HK does not offer a replacement battery. I will do the system upgrades and they said that will improve the battery life as well. Does anyone have the same problems? Even before the long unused time, my battery lasted 1 hour at best.
  • kerstuff 0 Points
    My battery only lasts about an hour. :cry:
  • Mine will only last about 5 min. Has anyone opened the unit and replaced them? I am tempted.
  • nurv1 0 Points
    My battery is completely depleted and the unit now randomly turns itself off in the middle of a journey even with it plugged in. Does anyone know how to open it to replace them?
  • mrsteve7 0 Points
    I managed to get the case open and get to the battery. It was very difficult and I managed to break the volume wheel in half in the process (fortunately I had another as a spare to replace it). Also, be very gentle when removing the display ribbon cable from the mainboard connector as it’s very fragile.

    To open:

    1. Remove the four allen screws on the rear of the case

    2. With a small screwdriver, prise up on the side (short edge) of the gloss black trim strip on the top of the unit. Be very careful and lift slowly a bit at a time until it is free. This strip must be removed first before separating the case halves.

    3. Find the point on the outside of the case that will spread open the furthest using finger pressure only - this is where you'll start separating the case halves. With a small putty knife, begin to separate the case a little at a time until the halves are completely separated. Be careful not to separate too far so as no to stress the display ribbon cable and microphones cables!

    4. Disconnect the display ribbon cable from the mainboard; there is a brown plastic locking strip just below the ribbon cable at the connector that should be released first. Gently pull UP on each side of the locking strip to release the cable. To reconnect, gently push down until strip locks into place. Disconnect the two connections for the internal microphone.

    5. Remove the two screws securing the mainboard to the back case.

    6. With a small screwdriver, prise up on the mainboard all the way around its edge until free of the back case; start at the opposite side of the volume wheel and pull AWAY from the volume wheel to free the last edge. BE CAREFUL of the volume wheel! Note there are two connections behind the mainboard for the battery and speaker that must be disconnected before the mainboard is free of the back case.

    7. The battery is secured to the back case with adhesive; prise it up with a small putty knife or wide-blade screwdriver (the copper foil underneath lifted when I did this but I was able to easily stick it back onto the case back).

    This battery has different numbers than the one in my GPS-510, though it is of the same dimensions and has the same wire color codes/connector. The point from which the wires eminate on the controler board does differ, though.

    I have not been able to locate a replacement battery anywhere, though I now know how to replace it (for what good that is ...). I can only hope HK will offer a replacement at some point.

    For those interested, here are the numbers exactly as they appear on the battery:


    I found this additional information on the Web based on a search of #AE503759P though I don't know it accurately reflects the actual battery( appears to be correct);

    Height: 59mm
    Width: 37mm
    Thickness: 5mm
    Weight: 23.5g
  • My battery is now down to about 15 minutes if I'm lucky. :twisted:
  • Marc 301 Points
    The rating on your battery is for when it is new. Lithium batteries typically decay to about 50% of that in the first year with normal use- whatever that means. Abuse it by leaving it in a hot car too often and you can expect even worse.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Guilty :oops:

    My two year old nuvi battery is pretty much toast from leaving it in my vehicle in the sun most days.
  • I read through all of the battery issues with this GPS and have actually changed the battery, I purchased the battery from Battery Mart and is a "PDA-276LI" the connector is in a little different spot but can easily be routed with out pinching it and the +- negitive wires have to be switched which is easily done by lifting the plastic tabs, I have just done the install and charge of the unit and have not used it much, but will let you know how it holds up.
  • mrsteve7 0 Points
    Anything to report?

  • DougWHolt 0 Points
    Yeah, The PDA-276LI replacement battery is originally for the Tom Tom 920. Has anyone confirmed that this one will work/fit? I need once soon. Battery mart has them for $17.95 = SH. Ive also found them on eBay for 11.99 to 15.99 shipping included. on eBay look up the seller smavstore located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. At the time of this post he had 10 available. Also Im newbie here and was wondering if anyone knew or can lead me into the right direction. I know HK wont ever come out with a map update but has anyone ever fabricated an update for North America? Just a thought, I know they use Tele Atlas (same as my fathers BMW X5(BTW BMW's stock navigation units are made by harman Kardon )). He has the update cd for his car. Might it be a file on there I can extract and load on the 810NA?
    Thanks in advance,
  • I posted in the 810 forum in another area concerning the battery life..or lack there of. I guess i have the record here...mine shuts down when unplugging after about 2 seconds. Manual says I must have 50% battery to download firmware upgrade, so not able to upgrade. Called HK about replacing battery and it will be about $100 with shipping/handling. I recently learned there will be no map upgrade, so this unit is rapidly becoming out dated. Will I buy another HK product?? NEVER!!!! Hello I come.
  • Ive had my 810 gps for 2 years and still use it as mainly an MP3 player in the car. The battery drains in 15 seconds after a FULL CHARGE.

    Horrible battery life, but at least it makes for a cool looking mp3/car player :O
  • BornYoung 0 Points
    Thanks to MrSteve Post!

    I just got the battery from Lion Battery off e-bay for $10 and did the installed yesterday. If you can disconnect the board and unscrew the plate without taking off the ribbon printed circuit that would be a lot easier. (step 4)
    It took me 2 hours to fit the ribbon back into the slot and lock it down. The unit works faster then it ever has. You do have to switch the power and ground wires on the new battery to match but you can do that easy with sewing needle and lift up the locking tap and just pull the wire connectors out of the plug. I use a small little pick tool to release the plugs on the board which made it easy to release while you pull carefully on the wires.

    Thanks MrSteve!
    Below the info on the battery that fits my 810
    # 100% Brand New High Quality non-OEM Li-Polymer Enhanced Battery.
    # Quantity: 1
    # Getting a second battery allows the user to become even more mobile!
    # This is brand new and not grey market.
    # Manufactured by Cameron Sino which means Quality! One-Year manufacturer's warranty.
    # Latest Lithium Polymer battery technology gives the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies such as Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH).
    # Cell type: Lithium Polymer
    # Color: Black
    # Voltage: 3.7V
    # Amperage: 1300mAh
    # EAN No.: 4894128025016
    # Consists of P/N: CS-TM920SL (Replacement for OEM p/n: AHL03713100)

    # Compatible with:

    o TomTom 340S LIVE XL, Go 920, Go 920T, Go XL330, Go XL330S, One XL 340 & 100% Compatibles
  • alexrus 0 Points
    BornYoung is your GPS still in working condition with the new battery?
    Does the GPS have any problems with the new battery?
  • BornYoung 0 Points
    Working Great! Only thing is the when I play music into my Motorcycle helmet the sound distorted and garble, but it was already like that before the battery replacement.
  • mikai 0 Points
    Great help, thanx. TomTom battery installed and works great. Be careful when pushing those two motherboards back together, don't leave battery wires between motherboards connectors.
  • Cliff 0 Points
    My battery exploded and blew the back off the GPS three months after I got it. Who would have thought hot car = exploded battery. Junk.
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