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Identifying the Model of my Garmin Nuvi and replacing the battery

I had recent warnings that the battery of my Garmin Nuvi was low. Now the SatNav has stopped working. I assume it needs the internal battery to work. The details of the battery are as follows:
Rechargeable Li-on battery: Garmin 361-00019-12, 3.7V, 1.25 Ah
1. Can you tell me (from the battery info) which model of the Garmin Nuvil do I have?
2. Is it a model in which the battery can be replaced?


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited March 2015
    Note that I have moved this thread to our Garmin Automotive forum.

    You should be able to find the model number in the menus, but the exact location will vary according to age. My newer devices show it in Settings > Device > About. IIRC, you will find it under Settings > System on older models. Guess this won't help if the device will not start.

    Another way to find this would be to open the file named GarminDevice.xml which should be located in the Garmin folder in the Nuvi internal memory. You will find the model number near the beginning of the file. Can you still connect the Nuvi to your computer and access it?

    If you can't do either of these, and there isn't any sticker or model number on the device, you could have a look at this wiki. Unfortunately Garmin has produced a crazy number of similar models throughout the years.
  • alanb 556 Points
    edited March 2015
    Where did you get that battery part number? Have you already disassembled your nuvi and removed the battery? If so, you should be able to order any replacement compatible with that part number and it should work.

    That said, it is possible your problem is a hardware fault (with the USB port or charging system). and not the battery itself. If that is the case, replacing the battery won't help. The replacement batteries are pretty cheap though, so it is probably worth a try.
  • Thanks for your response. I have the part number and contacted a seller of good standing and have ordered the battery. As you say it is not costly and since I was getting warnings about the strength of the battery I think the battery might be played out. We[
    'll see and will let you know
  • willyboy 68 Points
    All the Nuvi's I’ve ever seen have the model # somewhere on the Nuvi.
    As far as the battery goes, that same battery can fit many models of Nuvi.
    I believe you made a typo on the battery specs, it should be 1250 mAh NOT 1.25 Ah.

    If you have a wall charger try letting the battery charge overnight. If no wall charger, leave it plugged in your car overnight to charge.
    Hopefully it will charge enough to boot and then you can get your model #.
    You can try Tools>Settings>System>About ( to reach the ABOUT screen you may need to use the down arrow to get to the next page.
    Once at the About screen your Nuvi model will be listed

    I think all Nuvi batteries can be replaced, some are easier than others. Once you determine your model #, Google "Battery Replacement for your model #. You should see a link for, that link will have a video on how to change the battery for your Nuvi.
  • willyboy said:

    snip......I believe you made a typo on the battery specs, it should be 1250 mAh NOT 1.25 Ah.


    Note 1.25Ah = 1250 mAh

  • I want to thank u for the responses above. I am sourcing replacement battery and will update
  • JimmyG 11 Points
    You should see it on garmin express ..!!
  • I bought a battery replacement kit from Amazon for my nuvi a year or two ago. Don't recall the seller name. It was nice because it included a small plastic sharp-edged pry tool that made it easy to open the case. Not sure if newer nuvis have the same press-together case arrangement.
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