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SD Card

During the 2015.40 map update of my Nuvi 2460LMT, Garmin Express indicated that a SD card was needed.

I plan to purchase a SanDisk (8GB) microSD.

Is it necessary to prepare the card prior to inserting it in the Nuvi or can it be used directly from the package without modification?


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Should be OK for an 8gb card. The nuvi needs a FAT32 formatted volume, but that is the default for smaller SD cards. Garmin's software will take care of everything else.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    I don't know why you would need an SD card for a 2460 since it comes with 8gb internal memory, Have you loaded additional maps into internal memory? If not, I would check your files and see what is taking up so much space not to accommodate a map update.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Does the US version of the 2460 have 8gb? That model is a few years old, and I thought Garmin was pretty stingy with memory back then. I think the EU models had more memory since the map is larger.
  • t923347 532 Points
    Yes, the US 2460 had 8Gb of internal storage. At least my 2460 did.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    I can confirm as t923347 stated the US version of the 2460 does have 8GB memory, actually it's 7.31gb.8gb is the maximum memory of any Nuvi currently available.

    My own 2460 has 4.19gb used space and 3.11gb free space. I don't use the junction view file since it's just eye candy to me. After a map update I back the files up and delete the junction view which is 490,414kb. I have also removed unnecessary voice vehicle, and help files.

    I see no reason why the OP would need an SD card even if he was in Europe that has larger maps.
  • l henry 192 Points
    My 2460 has 8gb of memory with 1.3gb of free space. I have not loaded any additional maps and the only time the Nuvi is attached to the computer has been during the map updates.

    Any suggestions on how and what to look for would be most helpful. I would not know what the normal file size should be, making it difficult to identify one that is too large or not necessary.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    I wouldn't worry. Just insert a card and let Express do what it needs.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    You don't say if you are in North America or some other country. I'm assuming your in North America and had downloaded the 2014.40 map.
    The map size should show 2,390,784kb. The map file is in the .System directory and identified as gmapprom.img.

    Since when using Garmin Express you got the message that an SD card was needed, why not try using Garmin Mapudater to re-download the file and see if the message appears again. Please go into Tools - Settings -MyMaps and let us know what map is installed. If in North America it should display 2015.40 All along with traffictrends North America 4.25.

    I think the version Garmin Express you used may have a glitch in it to display that message since you have 1.36gb free space with a map already loaded.

    You can download MapUpdater from this link.

  • l henry 192 Points
    I am in North America. Map information: CN North America NT2015.30 All, Traffic Trends North America 4.25.

    I had planned to down load 2015.40 with GE and got the message to insert a SD card. At this point, I canceled the down load. The current map information is posted above.

    I am using GE v.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Just go for the card. Even if you could manage by messing about now you will eventually need one. Make it easy on yourself .... Cards are cheap.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    Indeed SD cards are cheap, but I see no reason at this point to buy one for a map update since he has sufficient available memory to go from 2015.30 to 2015.40.
    I still suggest he use MapUpdater to download 2015.40, I'm confident he won't get the message to insert an SD card.
  • Several years ago Express informed my that my now-ancient 765 needed an SD card to install the latest map at the time (probably around 2013). I didn't believe it, so I switched to Mapupdater and it loaded the same map without protesting. I've never tried Express again since Mapupdater is still doing the job.

    That was several years ago, so I would've thought that Garmin would have fixed that bug by now.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    Many people have experienced map update issues using Garmin Express. With the continuous updates of GE, it remains a work in progress. I still use MapUpdater myself since it's never failed me.

    Since the OP poster stated he has CN NA 2015.30 loaded, has free space of 3.11gb,
    if GE functioned properly, by removing the 2015.30 map, there should be more than sufficient space to update to 2015.40 without displaying the message an SD card is required.
  • privet01 228 Points
    edited May 2015
    I still don't use Garmin Express either. It just does too many things to be any good at any of them.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Yet GE has worked perfectly for me for around 2 years now ...
  • privet01 228 Points
    edited May 2015
    admittedly my experience was with an older version that was released in late 2013. three times it failed to correctly install a map update. Mapupdater did it in one attempt. It was the same update, so GE clearly wasn't up to snuff, possibly because the support for older Garmin devices just wasn't built into it correctly.

    I also had a software update pushed to my fitness device by Garmin Express also without any notification it was going to or did so. I found out when I turned on my device for a bike ride and I had to wait quite a few minutes while the update installed. Garmin Support admitted that under certain circumstance GE would do so. Still a notification would have been nice.
  • l henry 192 Points
    This is an update to my original April 30 post.

    I purchased 8GB micro SD card with the intent to install the card when directed by Garmin Express.

    Started GE with my Nuvi 2460LMT attached to the computer. After GE prepared the Nuvi for the download of the update (2015.40) the down load started. This time, GE did NOT indicate that a SD card was necessary.

    The down load and installation of the update (2015.40) was accomplished without problems, and as stated, without adding the SD card.

    GE indicated 1.23 GB free prior to the download and 1.12 GB free after the installation of the update.

    It seems advisable to try GE more than once, prior to adding a SD card.
  • alanb 556 Points
    edited May 2015
    I have to agree. It has always been a mystery to me how Garmin Express can be so inconsistent in its failures/sucesses/symptoms/quirks ... even with the same version on the same computer. While the overall reliability of Garmin Express has improved in recent versions, I still classify it as a "work in progress" when I am being kind and as a "piece of *work*" on other occasions. :)
  • SergZak 340 Points
    alanb said:

    While the overall reliability of Garmin Express has improved in recent versions, I still classify it as a "work in progress" when I am being kind and as a "piece of *work*" on other occasions. :)

    Maybe they will actually correct it's ongoing issues and stick with it. Like their nuvi firmware, by the time they get the bugs worked out, they have a new series of models out with their own set of new issues, with many issues being carried over as well. 8-|
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    My experience with GE for Mac has been largely very good and mostly problem-free.
    That being said, when GE "says something" that doesn't make sense, I quit it and relaunch it. After doing that, I don't get the erroneous message again.
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