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New to gps

redwineracing 0 Points
edited July 2015 in GPS Recommendations
I am just starting to look in to getting a gps. I will be using it to travel around the EU I am planning on riding a mix of paved roads and un paved trails/ tracks. And would like to know what the best gps device for this would be. What type of maps, is it possible to load one with the whole of Europe on it and would the resolution be good enough.
Thanks Martin


  • sussamb 961 Points
    I take it you're on a bike? Garmin produce a range of bike units, the Edge series. Which one is 'best' is subjective so have a look at all of them. As for maps, there are cycle specific Open Street Maps for all of the EU, and the whole of Europe will fit on most of the recent Edge series GPS. here is one site that provides them:
  • No I will be on a motorcycle
  • sussamb 961 Points
    edited July 2015
    In that case you should probably look at the Zumo series which are specifically designed for motorcycles. There is a Zumo forum which you might find useful for advice
  • Boyd 2045 Points
    Another option would be the Garmin Montana:

    It should be a little less expensive than the Zumo and more versatile if you also want to hike around on foot. It includes a rechargeable battery, but you can also use AA batteries. It is compatible with Garmin Birdseye satellite imagery and the Zumo is not.

    The Montana does not include any maps with the basic unit, you must purchase them separately. But it should be compatible with any of Garmin's products, including City Navigator (which comes pre-installed on the Zumo).

    Of course, another option would be to use an iOS or Android smartphone. There are many apps that allow you to download and store maps on the device, so they can be used without any data connection as you travel.
  • I have had a zumo sat nav for years but it is no good for off road or even u paved roads I need something with heater detail.
  • I have tried motion x on iPad but signal is in reliable
  • The Montana looks the way to go
  • sussamb 961 Points

    I have had a zumo sat nav for years but it is no good for off road or even u paved roads I need something with heater detail.

    With any GPS you would need to find/install maps other than Garmin to use 'off road'. I have OSM maps installed in my nuvi for when 'off road', so a Zumo would work off road as well. Montana is certainly an option but has a smaller screen that might be more difficult to see on a bike. Certainly worth considering though.

  • Boyd 2045 Points
    As Sussamb said, the issue probably has more to do with tha map than the gps itself. You could try topo maps on the Zumo. However, satellite imagery might be useful off-road, and the Zumo is not compatible with that.

    The wifi iPad does not have an internal GPS, but the cellular iPad and the iPhone do have GPS. If your iPad doesn't have a GPS, you can use an external bluetooth receiver like the Garmin GLO, it is very accurate:
  • My iPad has gps but is not very good I will look into maps for the zumo
  • sussamb 961 Points
    May be worth asking on the Zumo forum
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