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Garmin Nuvi 2699 LMTHD

Hi I'm new to the forum. Looking at buying a 2699LMTHD. I've read that some of the newer Garmin charges from the mounting unit and not the GPS unit itself. True? This would be a deal breaker for me. I'm mostly the pasenger and I navigate & play with the GPS. I wouldn't want to have to have the mounting unit attached to the GPS when I'm looking at it. Where is the charging port for the 2699? Is it on the unit itself. I have a 1390 and it connects in the back with the car charger end going in the accessory plug. Thanks! Also just curious why Garmin doesn't sell the 2699 but does sell the 2689. What's the difference other than the traffic? I can get the 2699 $20 cheaper. Where is the 2689 charging port? On the unit or on the mount? Thanks!


  • Boyd 1985 Points
    The mount is separate from the device itself on all Nuvi models. The difference is that a few models have "active" mounts with contact fingers on them so that the power cable remains connected to the mount itself and you can easily pop the device in and out.

    The others are basically like your 1390 and you must unplug the USB cable after popping the device out of the mount.
  • alanb 539 Points
    edited July 2015
    Even with an active mount, there is nothing that would prevent you from holding the cradle and nuvi in your hand to operate it. Just disconnect the cradle from the ball mount. Also, most nuvi's can be directly plugged into a USB power source even if they have an active cradle. I personally see the active mount as an advantage, becuase the usb connector is a frequent point of failure on nuvi's without an active mount.
  • Bison 30 Points
    Thank you for quick response. It's appreciated. I just didn't want to have to hold the cradle. ;-) As you know the changes from the 1390 to now are many! After lots of research of what the differences between 2699LMTHD vs the 2689LMT were, the only thing is the HD traffic. Garmin said Costco sells the 2699 so they out a different number. I'm sure for configuration control they changed the number because of the HD traffic too. I bought the 2699 from Costco :-) Thanks again.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    FWIW, the nuvi must be plugged into the USB cable for traffic to work. Some models have the receiver in the cigarette lighter plug itself, certain new models have the receiver inside the Nuvi. However, those models use the power cord as an antenna.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    To answer your question, the 2699 is connected to your Power\Charging to the back of the Nuvi as you would like. It does not use a power mount that requires the cable into the mount rather than the Nuvi. It attaches to the ball mount using a magnetic mount that DOES NOT have the power cable going to that magnetic mount.
    Personally I prefer units with Power Mounts since as member alanb mentioned it reduces the chance of USB connector failure to the main board sometimes caused by stress from the cable. Far cheaper to replace a power mount than having the Nuvi repaired.
    But since you're using it primarily as the passenger, perhaps power mounted units would not be your best choice. Just be careful not to exert unnecessary stress on the cable when holding in your hands.

    Below you can get the manual for it and familiarize yourself with the unit.
  • Bison 30 Points
    I just got my Nuvi 2689LMT. Playing around with it - learning what has changed since my Nuvi 1390. Lots. :-) I do have a question. Can you add (icons) apps to the App page. Or remove some? Also how do I delete just one in my Saved Place list i.e. Garmin Europe and Garmin Asia etc. I don't want to delete my while list. TIA
  • sussamb 813 Points
    edited July 2015
    To delete one item do a where to then saved places. Select the one you wish to delete and tap the 3bar icon top left and choose delete.

    As for apps, which page are you talking about?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    My 2699 doesn't have a magnetic mount. ???
  • t923347 432 Points
    edited July 2015
    According to the Owner's Manual, I don't think any 2699 has a magnetic mount.

    See page one of the manual which is available from:

    AFAIK Garmin's magnetic mount needs a special type of connection that can be seen by looking at page one of the manual for the 3597LMTHD which does have a magnetic mount:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    @Rick - that's what I was alluding to in reference to willyboy's earlier post. :)>-
  • willyboy 68 Points
    Sorry guys for the incorrect information, it does not have a magnetic mount.
    I based my post looking at the picture of one that appeared to look like a magnetic mount.
    Check the link below and click on the accessory tab, this show a suction cup mount and a universal mount that looked like a magnet to me. My apologies for the misinformation.

    Hopefully this post won't get lost because I posted a link and the sites spam filter rejected it. Posted on 7-31 at 10:58 EST in USA.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    willyboy said:

    Hopefully this post won't get lost because I posted a link and the sites spam filter rejected it. Posted on 7-31 at 10:58 EST in USA.

    There is/was nothing in the spam queue from you.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    Thanks for advising, I see the post was displayed immediately after I posted.
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