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Retrofit operating system from GO 720 to GO 60S

I recently bought a GO60S and I found that the software on it was not as capable as the software on my GO 720. I can access the GO 720 with Windows Explorer when I connect it to my PC but I cannot access the GO 60S. Does anyone know how I can put the operating system from my GO 720 onto my GO 60S?
The software on the GO 720 is significantly more capable than the GO 60S.


  • Boyd 2045 Points
    edited September 2015
    Doubt that is possible. I used to have Go 720 it's actually a Linux based computer. There used to be something called the OpenTom project that posted info on how to hack into it. That site no longer exists but you can still access it at

    So there is plenty of info available about that model. But I have no idea whether the 60s is linux based. My understanding was that they intentionally crippled these newer devices by not allowing USB access. Interestingly, the hack for the older Linux software involved accessing it via Bluetooth and not a direct connection.

    Anyway, your best bet might be to sell the 60s and pick up a used 720.
  • Thank you for the link.
    I already have the GO 720. My question is can I copy the software from it to the GO 60S. I cannot access the GO 60S thru the USB port with Windows explorer on my PC. Is there another way to access the GO 60S?
  • Boyd 2045 Points
    edited September 2015
    My point was that you probably cannot. And even if you could, I'd say there's just no way that it would work. They are obviously very different and simply copying files is not the same as porting software to a new platform.

    Let's see if @dhn, our resident TomTom expert has any insights…. :)
  • dhn 337 Points
    You can't copy the operating system to the 60S. The user has no access to the file system. Two completely different platforms.
  • Thank you for your responses. I will be selling the GO 60S.
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