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garmin nuvi 2495 reboots after incomplete synchronization with garmin express

hi, I have a garmin nuvi 2495. I was downloading voices and languages from garmin express when I disconnected the usb cable before the sync completed.

as a result of this, when I try to turn on the gps, I have the Garmin logo for some seconds, and after this it shuts down. I tried to make a hard reset (turning on pressing the bottom right corner of the screen and also with the upper left corner) and it is not possible, I tried to disconnect the battery and reconnecting again and nothing happens. When I plug into the PC the PC does not recognize it... so I can not install any application.

Do you know how can I solve it? Is there any wait to install again the operating system? maybe via the SD card? I think that the operating system could be damaged and I would need to be installed from scratch.

thanks a lot for your comments


  • sussamb 789 Points
    edited January 2016
    Google garmincure3 ... you have a corrupted file on your nuvi that needs to be removed to allow it to work correctly again.
  • thanks for your comments, but the main problem I have is that when I try to turn on the gps, it shuts down after 10 seconds (only shows the Garmin logo), so it can not be recognized by the usb connection in order to install or correct the corrupted file. Do you have any way to correct it via SD card? or fotmat the gps so I can install everything again? I have a backup of all the files. thanks !!!
  • sussamb 789 Points
    No, if it's shutting down that indicates a low battery. Charge it and then try garmincure3 ... it is I believe the only way to resolve your issue other than returning it to Garmin for repair.
  • finally I could use the files from garmincure3... for this I needed to install them in the few seconds that the gps was on... thanks for your comments... finally I have it working fine !!!
  • alanb 532 Points
    Great ... it is always nice to hear a success story. The Garmin "cure" process is never easy and almost always requires a lot of trial and error. But it is about the only way there is to recover a Garmin that won't boot to mass storage mode on its own.
  • I went through a long process with a 2555, short story ran the battery all the way down and put the GPS away for a few months; recharged and hard reset and all good to go. Guess I need to look at this garmincure3 thing for in the furture.
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