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Is there an Icelandic keyboard language?

My brother is headed to Iceland next week and does have Garmin City Navigator® Europe NT installed which includes Iceland on his 2597LMT. Can't seem to find a keyboard language that might make typing names of towns, locations, POIs, etc. a bit easier. I have advised him that typing a partial name may well find what he is looking for. Is that the best one can do? Is there a keyboard language that would be the most appropriate such as Norsk? I don't think the language list I am seeing on Garmin's site is up to date. I looked yesterday via GE and did not see any Icelandic language. Tnx.


  • DerekW 132 Points
    On my 3598LMT-D device after I have selected Iceland as the country I get offered an additional key "Alt" that if I press before I press the most equivalent letter then I get offered a new set of accented keys to chose from. So this may solve your problem - this was using an English keyboard.

    Actually just tested this with the selected country being the UK and the Alt key was presented to get accented characters.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thanks. I don't think his 2597 has the same menu choices as your 3598. My 2699 does so I see what you are referring to with the ALT key on the keyboard. The 2597 has an ALT key sometimes, but it cannot cycle through different pre-checked/ selected language keyboards from the "globe" key. I'll have to check it out further. How do you indicate which country you want to use?
  • DerekW 132 Points
    I was selecting it in the Where To, Address, Change Country, I then selected Iceland. However the Alt key was available in the Keyboard when I was selecting United Kingdom.

    I did try selecting a street name with a Diacritic character, by the time I had selected the first few letters street names with diacritic characters where being offered to be selected.

    I suggest that your brother gets a good street atlas to go along with the use of the Satnav.

    Good luck, let us know how he gets on with Icelandic in a real life situation.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thanks for the additional info. Actually since my brother is almost a technophobe I have been instructing his wife and did show her how just typing the first few letters of a town would most likely bring up the correct one in the suggestions list so they should be OK. They do have a very good paper map and it looks like there is only one main road around the island so how lost could they get! 8-| I don't remember seeing the option to Change Country when changing location, but out of curiosity will check that out. Thanks again for your assistance. ^:)^
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