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Roadmate 5175T-LM, keeps disconnecting on phase 3 of map update, any ideas?

1st time here so here goes. I managed to brick this gps on a first attempt with updating the map data. Was able to chat with support and they gave me a link and I downloaded the files needed to copy to a SDXC chip and reboot from and get the device up and working to software version 1.44.
Next I got into a chat and was sent an email with instructions and links to download the CM or Content Manager and begin the update process there. Previously I must add that I had used their new SmartgpsEco web page to update the device and that's what caused me to blow out my map data.
Okay, so I downloaded and installed this CM software. I turn on the gps and it sees it and immediately begins a three phase process of downloading, unzipping and updating. Phase 3 is where the problem happens. It will get stuck or freeze and then I get a pop up showing 'Retry or Cancel'. I reboot the gps and off it goes attempting phase 3 again.
I've been doing this over and over until I'm at my wit's end right now. I cannot figure out why this device keeps disconnecting per the pop ups. There is plenty of battery power, the gps is not shutting down. It stays on the whole time.
Has anyone else had this problem and if you found a fix, would you let me know?


  • I thought I might post this email from the support guy, Rundell, at Magellan, in case it might help someone else.

    Greetings from Magellan!

    To update your RoadMate to the latest maps and software, you need to download the Content Manager to your computer. It is an application used to register and update the OneTouch navigation units.

    The steps below will guide you on how to download the latest updates to your GPS;

    1. Install the Content Manager (version 2.703) to your computer. This can be downloaded at the link below,
    2. Log in to the Content Manager using your Magellan credentials.
    3. Connect the GPS to the computer. Once the Content Manager detects it, you will be prompted to name the receiver.
    4. Click "OK" and the GPS will be automatically registered.
    5. Back up your GPS. Before you update your GPS, it's best to back up the address book to the Content Manager. To do this, simply click on the sync button.
    6. After the address book is backed up, click on “Check for updates”
    7. The system will update your unit's software prior to the maps. To start the process, click on “Update”. This will only take a few minutes. After the software update is finished, please disconnect the GPS from the computer.
    8. Your GPS will restart as soon as it's disconnected from the computer. Once it goes back to its map screen, please tap on tools to access the Settings menu.
    9. Tap “Product Information” and check if the Software version is up to date.

    On the second part of the update, we'll download the latest map database which is Map version 60. Please refer to the following steps below;

    1. Connect the GPS to the computer.
    2. Wait for the Content Manager to recognize your GPS. Once it's detected, please click again on “Check for updates”
    3. Select the available map upgrade and click “Update”
    4. The map upgrade will now start to download to your computer. This comes in 3 phases: Downloading, Unzipping and Installing. You can only interrupt the update during the downloading phase. Please do not turn off the GPS and the computer during the last 2 phases. It will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to completely upgrade the unit's map.
    5. When the upgrade is complete, please disconnect the GPS from the computer.
    6. At this point, the GPS will restart to complete the process. When it's done, please check the Detailed Map version under Product Information to ensure that your GPS is now up to date.

    I hope that I was able to help you with your concern for today and should you require further assistance with this or with any other unit, please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase and FAQs under Support tab or chat with us.

    Note: Our normal chat hours of operation is Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific, excluding holidays.
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