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City Navigator North America 2018.10

The new maps have been released.


  • Chris_Sav 129 Points
    We've only just had 2017.30 over our side of the pond!
  • sussamb 941 Points
    Yes but, without going into the detailed reasons why, the EU 2017.30 is the equivalent in timescale to the NA 2018.10. Map numbers used to be in step between the EU and NA but that changed a while ago.
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    I was only expecting to see them sometime in february. Only have to wait 10more days before I can download them without fear of going over my bandwidth cap.
  • wkunert 86 Points
    Downloaded and installed without problem. Also got the large JCV from a link on POI Factory
  • Fusik 0 Points
    Hi Everyone
    I'm new here. Could you please get me the link for North America 2018.10 Maps and Big JVC files?
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited February 2017
    Assuming you have lifetime map updates for North America on your device, you use Garmin Express to install the 2018.10 map update. If you don't have lifetime updates, you will need to purchase the map from Garmin.

    If you have a 7x5 nuvi series, or a zumo 6xx series that supports junction views, you will get the full screen full coverage junction view file with the map update. If you have a different device and still want the "large" JCV file, there is a member on the POI Factory forum who has uploaded it to a file sharing site (with implied permission from Garmin). You will find the link in that forum.
  • Fusik 0 Points
    Thanks alanb
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