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GPSmap 60Cx - Buzz with OpenStreet Maps

I have two GPSmap 60Cx Garmin GPS's. When I try to turn them off with the openstreetmap maps installed, I get a buzz and the only way to stop it is to pull the batteries. Does anyone else have this problem? Any thoughts on why it may be happening. It does not happen with Garmin maps. It happens with both 128MB and 2GB cards. I have been careful about properly ejecting the cards after tranferring data. I used a MacBook Air to do the tranfer. Thanks, Norm


  • Boyd 2009 Points
    Check to see if you have the newest firmware, I also have a 60csx and recall a problem like this that was fixed with an update. I believe WebUpdater is used for the 60csx:

    However, since you mention the Mac, there was also an issue where hidden files on the card were causing something similar. These are files with names starting with a period that are not shown in the Finder. You can use terminal to delete them if you know how, I think there are also some apps for this.

    JaVaWa has a free utility to specifically address the problem on the Mac, it deletes all the hidden files before ejecting the card. Elsewhere on his site, he mentions his programs are not compatible with Sierra however, so that could be a problem:
  • normva 0 Points
    Boyd, thank you very much. I will try updating the software. I will see if I can get to the card using terminal on the Mac. If not, I can use a Windows or Linux computer to load the files. Norm
  • normva 0 Points
    Boyd, I was able to use terminal to remove a file: ._gmapsupp.img. There is also a . and .. in the Garmin directory, but I don't think that they are actually files. I looked at the update link, but the disclaimer scares me -- it sounds like you can wind up with a brick if something goes wrong. I am going to try the card that I fixed first. Maybe that is all that I need to do. Norm
  • normva 0 Points
    I also checked the Garmin software and it is up to date. Maybe I will try loading the files from Windows or Linux.
  • normva 0 Points
    I put the micro SD cards in a Windows 7 computer and did a reformat and reloaded the files. I have tried it twice and so far I was able to turn if off without the buzz. Thanks for the help. Norm
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    That's good. In unix the single dot is "shorthand" for the current directory and the double dot means the parent directory. Don't try to delete those!

    I would not worry too much about "bricking" the 60csx with a firmware update. It *could* happen but is very rare. IIRC, there was a firmware update to specifically fix this problem. But for starters you should find out what version firmware you are currently running. This can be done in the 60csx menus, but I don't recall exactly where, probably under "System".

    It gets a little confusing because there are two different "flavors" of 60csx'es. Shortly before they discontinued it, Garmin switched to a different brand of chips. There is an archive of all the different versions here, but you will need a Windows machine to install them:
  • normva 0 Points
    Thanks for the Unix help -- that is what I thought from using terminal commands, but not sure if it wrote anything on the SD card.

    I used the link for the Garmin update (on a Windows 7 computer). It connected to my Garmin and said that I had the latest software. There was a link for optional software, but there was none available for my GPS.

    I went through all of the menu items on the GPS, but could not find the firmware version. Bottom line is that I have now rebooted several times and no buzz. I am a bit unhappy that I could only get it to work by using a Windows computer. I usually take my MacBook Air when I travel. Guess that I will need to load the maps before leaving.

    Thanks for all your help,
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited January 2017
    Just use the program I linked to above, it was written to address this exact problem (although I'm not clear whether it works on Sierra)

    FWIW, my main computer is a MacBook Air, also a quad core Mac Mini for video editing and a base model Mini for a media server. Have been using Macs since 1985 and Apple ][ since 1978.

    However I use a Windows machine for making maps and managing Garmin devices. But you have to cut Garmin a little slack on any 60csx issues. They did not even support that Mac at all when it was introduced. :)
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