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NUVI 2340 upgrade - make space on the SD card

Upgrade says I need a 3mb Micro SD Card. I have one inserted which has enabled me to do earlier updates. It now says I need to insert an SD card. Can I delete anything on the existing micro SD card to make space. I have 2 folders Garmin and Map and 952mb free. Does the Nuvi need the SD card in after the update? Thanks


  • privet01 228 Points
    SD cards are pretty cheap. I'd just get a 16GB class 4 or better card. I have had trouble with brands though. I bought a PNY 4GB class 4 that wouldn't wouldn't work in my nuvi205w, but a sandisk 16GB class 4 is recognized. The PNY card does work in other devices.

    Your current SD card doesn't contain a preloaded map from Garmin does it?
  • muffinn 83 Points
    Thanks for this - the SD Card has files gmappupdate.gsd, gmapupdate.img gmapupdate.gma gmapupdate.unl - but these are from recent updates
  • privet01 228 Points
    I think you can safely delete all of them. However I'd actually create a folder on my computer's HD and copy the entire contents of the SD folder and all, before I deleted them just in case.

    Again, that's not a Garmin map SD card, is it? Don't delete anything till you've heard from other's here. I've no experience with the preloaded map cards. I know there are special licensing issues and other things to consider.
  • muffinn 83 Points
    Thanks - I think I agree with your strategy. It was initially an empty card. Do you know if the SD card after update has to remain in the Satnav or is it just necessary for the update process?
  • sussamb 829 Points
    It has to stay there as it contains the map files.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    You can completely erase - in that case - everything on the present card before updating. Anything an update has placed on a card can be deleted before a new update.

    Updating, after all, can be done on a new - and therefore empty - card.
  • Thanks all updated and worked fine now
  • i deleted all files on card then had to format it again as not formatted for Garmin - bit strange as it had worked for updates before. all went through easily after this. thanks for support responders. very helpful
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