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Change of route

I'm looking for a new GPS my old one does not have up to date maps and is driving me crazy. If I get a new one I would like to know if you can alter the rout in circumstances such as closed roads or flooded roads ect. I had this problem with my old GPS the other day I put the destination in and it would only direct me one way which led me to a closed road due to flooding. not knowing the area well enough I couldn't get to my destination. So if I had been able to select an alternate route I might have gotten there. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Well most recent Garmin devices will offer you up to three options and if you get one with traffic it can be set to direct you around any closed roads, this of course assumes you are in an area with traffic reception and that the traffic service knows about the road closure.
  • privet01 229 Points
    edited March 2017
    sussamb said:

    ....this of course assumes you are in an area with traffic reception and that the traffic service knows about the road closure.

    Those are two big gotcha's .

    I don't put a lot of faith in the traffic avoidance features. The big reason is that I don't live or travel through the cities with such coverage on a daily basis. Even on my smartphone when I let Google maps direct me while in cities with such coverage, it misses some of the issues that cause me to cuss. But in all fairness it was nice to have the information when it was correct.

    Most states have both website and phone apps that are pretty good at showing what's going on. Many like Mississippi with links to cameras so you can see live traffic. So I keep the traffic website of the states I drive through in the bookmarks of my phones browser. Others might prefer to load the respective apps.

  • alanb 557 Points
    edited March 2017
    Some Garmin models have custom avoidance settings where you can identify a specific road or rectangular area to avoid in routing/navigating. If you set that up for the flooded area, it will create a route around the avoided street or area. My nuvi 3597 LMTHD (a 2013 model) has this feature, but I am not sure which (if any) of the devices in Garmin's current Drive lineup have the custom avoidance feature. You should be able to find out by looking at the user manual for the model(s) you are considering.
  • sanda 0 Points
    Thank you everybody for your help I really appreciate it.

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