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What exactly is included in Map Updates

Obviously i would assume that any new or old roads are included in whatever is considered the 'new' updated map. What other information is included in the update? Items such as hospitals, restaurants, fast food locations, police and fire locations, new/old retail stores and any other locations that a GPS user might want to locate while traveling?


  • alanb 557 Points
    POI's are built into the Garmin map data, so they are included with map updates. That said, some of the POI data is outdated, inaccurate and incomplete. It has always been kind of a puzzle about where Garmin (or Here) gets their POI data, why and what they decide to to include and exclude, and how the POI data is kept up to date and accurate (or not).
  • DerekW 232 Points
    I suspect that there are 3rd party companies that collect details of such POI candidates and for a fee ensure that the map maker includes them as POIs in a map release. I would expect the map makers to be paid for including the data for commercial concerns.
  • jonnop 101 Points
    alanb is correct about the outdated or inaccurate POIs built into the maps. According to mine I drive past a Macdonalds most days. The problem is it is allegedly situated in a field with no access from the road. Field normally occupied by sheep.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    While there are numerous exceptions to my answer, this is generally how it goes. GPS companies get their POIs from the mapping companies. One exception is that there are cases where some larger chains might purchase "branded" POI icons to be displayed on their numerous locations.

    The mapping companies get and update the POIs from a few different places. They get them from compiled databases of businesses other companies compile. An example is InfoUSA who mapping companies have purchased databases from. This is sometimes why these POIs don't make much sense as the addresses provided don't always match well.

    Another factor, though no longer as much of an issue as it was years ago, is memory. POIs take up more memory on the device so GPS manufacturers might choose to put one million POIs on one device and twelve million on another.
  • Kevin_hutch 116 Points
    edited June 2017
    In close scrutiny of Garmin and Here data it is obvious that some, but not all comes from Here along with the mapping as the roadside "Truck stops" shown in Here are included using the fuel bowser icon, much to my confusion yet actual fuel stops differ indicating they come from another source.
    Either way the annoyance of not being able to update them and not being able to switch them off without dropping custom POIs plagues me every day.
    I have specific fuel accounts with only two oil companies and maintain my own fuel stop Custom POI database so I can plan fuel range. Even Oil company data has some mysterious lat long locations often including large volume farms and of course the independent servos change suppliers so it is hard to keep up to date, makes me wonder how they manage their accounting.
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