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Routes can't be erased from BMW Motorrad Navigator V (BMW zumo 660)

Dear all,

I have BMW Motorrad Navigator V (BMW zumo 660) and I am having troubles with this device.
1. I am trying to erase old routes (trips) sent from Basecamp to the device. I have performed hard reset thinking this would do it. But even after the reset those routes appear in BMW zumo and the device asks do I want to import them. I have deleted gpx folder from the memory of the device and perform a second, and third reset but still they stay. Is my device broken? Any way I can delete them?
2. I am using iMac with Yosemite OS X. After updating Basecamp to the latest version (4.6.3.) with the latest CNE NTU 2018.10 routes drawn in Basecamp and sent to BMW zumo are not any more calculated properly. For example if a route is 295km after sending it to the device the route appear 460km. This begin happening after updating to the latest version of Basecamp and CNE.

Thanks for your replies,


  • alanb 555 Points
    edited July 2017
    Delete the .GPX files on the zumo (in the GPX folder). Since you are using a Mac, empty the trash. Then go in through the zumo's menu and delete the routes again. That should do it.
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