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nuvi 66 - Easiest way to delete saved locations

I have several dozen locations saved on my GPS that I will never use again. I tried copying "Current.gpx" to my desktop, deleting the locations with GPX_Editor*, and copying the edited file back to the Garmin, but the deleted locations somehow persist.

What's the trick here? Many thanks.



  • sussamb 936 Points
    If you're going to use that method then before sending the edited current.gpx file back to your device you must delete all the locations off your device using its menu and then copy current.gpx back, but you must also rename it something other than current.gpx.

    It's easier simply to delete the locations using the menu on your nuvi :)
  • Djinn 80 Points
    Really? Damn. Ok, if there's no easier way, I suppose I'll go one-by-one through the Garmin's interface. I have a vague memory of being able to delete waypoints on an older model Nuvi by editing the file in Excel, deleting rows. Guess they changed the format. Thanks for the info!
  • sussamb 936 Points
    No change so perhaps you mis-remember. In any case deleting on the device is easy as you can multi-select those you wish to delete.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    After clearing all the waypoints (favorites, saved locations or whatever) on the device, here's an important step. Connect the GPS to your computer and delete ALL files that have a .gpx extension. This should not cause any problems, but if you're concerned, back everything up first.

    The file Current.gpx is not used for anything on the Nuvi, it is re-created everytime the device starts up. It contains a copy of data that's stored in protected memory you can't access. But if any other .gpx files are stored on the device, they will be imported the next time it starts up. This can cause waypoints to reappear when you deleted them before.
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