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National Weather Service using map data from Garmin?

Boyd 2035 Points
edited July 2017 in GPS Discussions
Was just noticing this... if you look at the map here you will see that Garmin is listed as one of the data providers. I wonder exactly what kind of data they are getting? Don't think I've ever seen that attribution before.

Now if you click the "switch basemap" dropdown you get some interesting results from the different maps. The USGS topo does not credit Garmin. The Oceans map doesn't credit Garmin but it does list DeLorme, which is now Garmin. All the other options show Garmin in the list of sources - even the blank grey background.

Interesting.... :)


  • alanb 557 Points
    DeLorme is now Garmin, but did Garmin retain the cartography portion of the business? I thought Garmin was only interested in the InReach product line.
  • Boyd 2035 Points
    Oh I think they have it all. They are offering the DeLorme maps in their EarthMate app for example.

    In fact, you're the one who first pointed this out! :)
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited July 2017
    Wasn't that post was prior to the Garmin takeover? So is Garmin still researching/creating/updating the DeLorme map products? I have kind of thought they would continue marketing the existing Delorme map products as long as there is inventory and interest, then discontinue them when the product is too old or inventory is exhausted. I also expected them at some point to modify/replace the InReach hardware/software to use the Garmin map products. Maybe Tim knows something about this since DeLorme was up in his neck of the woods?
  • Tim 1500 Points
    While there have been some changes at DeLorme (the most publicly being the closure of "The Map Store" at the HQ), there are little other changes that most consumers would see. The Gazetteers that most people know DeLorme for continue to be produced and as far as I know continue to be updated. The produce quite a trove of maps that many outdoors people rely on, particularly in the North East USA. Just as many people in Jersey will tell you where they live based on exit numbers, many people around here will tell you which page number of the Gazetteer from their state they live within.

    The Eattmate PN-Series GPS has been discontinued, along with Street Atlas USA and Topo North America. The digital map data sets (used to power things like Topo USA) are still alive as is Xmap (their more pro cartography program).
  • alanb 557 Points
    Thanks Tim ... good to know that Garmin is keeping it alive.
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