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Going into charge mode

I have a garmin Nuvi 2445. I have recently changed my car. My car is a Kia Picanto.

When I plug the sat nav into the car it goes into charging mode. I cannot have the sat nav plugged into the car electric and use it. Of course this is going to make long journeys impossible as the charge on the sat nav is not long.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?


  • Boyd 2027 Points
    I think that what you are calling "charge mode" is what we generally call USB mass mtorage mode, or computer mode. In other words, the same thing that you would see when connecting it to a computer with a USB cable.

    Are you using the original cigarette lighter Garmin power cord that was provided with the Nuvi? If so, can you verify that it still works properly when plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet in another car? If so, then that is something strange I don't recall seeing before.

    Or are you connecting the Nuvi directly to a USB outlet in the new car? If so, then that is not surprising, it's a common issue. What cable are you using if that's the case? There are two kinds of USB cables, one type supplies data and the other just supplies power. Using a data type cable will often fool the nuvi into thinking it's connected to a computer.
  • ennogs 0 Points
    Thank you for your reply. You are right it is going into mass storage mode like when it is plugged into my PC. I am using the original cigarette lighter Garmin power cord that cam with th sat nav. My car doesn't have USB. I am plugging into the 12v cigarrette lighter.

    I wil have to try in a mates car.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Cool. Then definitely try it in another car (or two). If it does the same thing, that's a sign that your power cable or adaptor has a problem. It might even be a problem with the USB socket on the GPS itself.
  • ennogs 0 Points
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