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Proper Voice Commands

I've started using voice commands on my Nuvi 2595 with questionable results. For example, if i speak an address as one oh seven the result might come back as 107231 'someplace'. if i say it as one hundred seven the result might come back as something different and if i say it as one zero seven i might get another different result and sometimes i might get the correct result. is there a 'preferred' way to speak the address to get results more accurately? The voice command feature is extremely useful while driving in that i don't have to stop to manually enter an address or try and enter an address while actually traveling, which is similar to texting while driving which is extremely dangerous.


  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    The voice command is frankly pretty bad with Garmin. Me and the wife sometimes have some fun asking it for places to see what results it comes up with.
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