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Nuvi 2689 not showing vehicle location and no street names

Nuvi 2689 LMTY: In the last week or so I've noticed that the car icon is not lying on the actual street I'm traveling on and most of the streets are missing from the map. Also speed limit is missing as well as the name of the next street coming up and street I'm on. I'm running the latest map version and have a clear view of the sky. I've troubleshooted everything I can think of with no luck. I'm located in western Montana and with all the wildfires burning right now we're under a very heavy layer of smoke. Could that affect the accuracy of my gpsr?


  • I guess that smoke could make the location less accurate or rather intermittent but that shouldn't impact the map detail. All the streets and speed limit data are in the map files on the device.
  • That's kind of what I thought. The device has fallen off the windshield onto the dash a few times this summer from high heat on the windshield. But I should think it's made to take a little jarring. None of the drops was particularly severe.
  • My first guess on the map files is to check under the EULA (End user license agreement) that the unit thinks that it has the NA or US maps installed. On location finding, I guess let it set outside not moving for a bit and see if it gets a correct location. Smoke would hamper location finding but not completely destroy it. These units are better at getting a lock when sitting still.
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited August 2017
    It sounds to me like the City Navigator map is either missing, not enabled or not loaded into memory and displayed, so you are navigating on the base map which has very limited detail. The first step is to do as crazyfingers suggested and check the map info on your device to see what is installed and enabled. Look under Settings > Map & Vehicle > My Maps (The menu may be a little different on your device, but poke around and you will find it)
  • Boyd 2027 Points
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    Agree with @alanb , what you describe sounds like you're viewing the basemap and not City Navigator. The basemap is very inaccurate, and that explains why the vehicle is not on the road. The GPS is showing the correct position of your vehicle, but the roads on the map are off by a lot. The basemap does not contain speed limits and it has very few roads. That explains why you don't see those things.

    And I think there's no way that smoke could affect gps signal... unless your car is actually on fire maybe. :D
  • Hey, guys, thanks. It all makes sense and I'll check it out tomorrow. I don't know how that has happened since it was working and then not from one day to the next and last night I did a map update. But I'll keep digging. Definitely not the smoke since last night it all blew out of the valley with a cold front that came through.First time in weeks that we've seen the surrounding mountains and can breathe.
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