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Drive 60 Routes

Well I have transferred my 60 odd preset routes from my nuvi 2797 to a Drive 60 and unlike the 2797 they are not sorted in alphabetic order, nor can I find an option to sort them.
I went in to set them to an alphabetic sort by start date but found no way to set the day only the time.
So I meticulously set all 60 to start in alphabetically successive order and that worked.
To be sure I transferred them back to my 2797 and reloaded them to the Drive 60 the start time was set but the order appeared random.
Finding the one wanted in random order is painful as I have some routes with three alternatives depending on the size of the oversize truck load.
Anyone found;
1. how to set a scheduled date for a trip.
2. A way to sort imported routes in alphabetic order.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Scheduling the date isn't available on the Drive models which seems nuts. I've made a suggestion to Garmin that they add it in an update since the nuvis did it and without a date any scheduling is meaningless.

    There's also no way to sort routes in any logical way, which is again nuts.
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