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Will the Garmin Drive recharge even if it's turned off ?

I just bought a Garmin Drive 60LM. I am using it in my late model Corvette.

I keep it plugged into a cigarette lighter type socket that is always hot (even if the car is turned off)

Will my Garmin continue to charge when it's plugged into this hot 12v socket even if the Garmin is turned off via the button on the back?

Thanks ....


  • BTW ... I ask this because even a cell phone that is plugged into a power source will rechange even if the phone is turned off.

    I am hoping that the Garmin will also stay charged while plugged into a power source even if turned off.
  • sussamb 941 Points
    Yes it will.
  • sussamb .....

    Thanks a bunch !
  • This Garmin is great !

  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Just curious... why are you concerned about charging the GPS if it's always plugged into external power? And aren't you concerned about the constant drain on your car battery with it always connected? Was reading an article a few weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal about all the computers, security systems and other components in modern cars that constantly drain the battery. It was surprising... IIRC, they said most new cars will not have enough battery capacity to start after sitting in a parking lot for about 5 days!
  • Boyd ...

    I would be concerned about the constant drain on my car battery if the GPS was plugged in and turned on all the time ... but, If the GPS is turned [off] and all the car battery is doing is keeping that little battery in the GPS continually charged, I just can't see that this would be anywhere close to discharging the car battery over a few days.

  • Yes the sophisticated charge chip in the GPS monitors the battery condition and switches off when the battery is charged, unlike old battery devices with NICAD that could be overcharged, the lithium batteries will not stand being overcharged they explode so they switch off and on as required.
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