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Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series



  • sussamb 685 Points
    In the UK it's the digital receiver that's built in requiring only the standard power cable which acts as the antenna.
  • Yeah 1 Point
    Thanks for all kind help! for now i bought a Drivesmart 50 lmt-hd refurbished, will keep you guys posted.
  • alanb 397 Points
    Good choice! Enjoy!
  • sussamb 685 Points
    Yep, good choice, I have one :)
  • truckinguy 110 Points
    Having a 61 Drive Smart and loving it (own 2 actually) I realize if you can't get cell coverage then you probably don't need traffic data..and it draws just a fraction of data per day. I have no issues with this unit connecting,etc. The only issue I have it routes me on some funky routes unlike previous units.
    I have a Note 8 now and still prefer dedicated GPS. Especially after owning the 61 Drive Smart. I am a serious user of GPS thou. I do about 35k miles a year or more between customer base,personal use and also keep it on when not navigating just to see the curves ahead at night or snow storms or for speed limits,etc.
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