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Montana 680t charging issue

as a long time user of garmin gps devices I noticed from the very beginning that my Montana acts strange during charging. In addition, the device suddenly stopped to work yesterday on a terrain, however just few minutes before this the indicator showed 45% of battery. next, after charging it over the night with wall charger, the device stopped to be charged at 92%. there is blinking symbol for charging for some seconds and then the symbol disappears for some seconds, and so on. I received a device two weeks ago as a gift. I also noticed that when i use computer and usb cable, there is no battery indicator on the display of my Montana 680t. I have impression that this issue is not a common one, so I assume something is just wrong with my battery? I used the device with three AA batteries for very short time and all was fine. someone? Thanks.


  • sussamb 685 Points
    If it's working with normal AA batteries but not with the rechargeable one then like you I'd suspect the battery.
  • samogps 0 Points
    thanks. beside a bad battery, in theory it is possible that the device itself does not recognize the battery status in a proper way.
  • Chris_Sav 61 Points
    was the device new? if not is it an original Garmin battery? I have experienced similar with a non original battery.
  • samogps 0 Points
    i took it to the dealer and will have it back in one week or so. report follows.
  • samogps 0 Points
    the device is totally new. it is original garmin battery which came with the device. they promised to me that they will fix the device (battery) without any doubt so i do not have to worry. let's say i believe them but so many times i was disappointed in similar situations with another devices. the device was a Christmas gift and it was picked just because it should be the best.
  • Chris_Sav 61 Points
    Thanks for the update, you have taken the correct course of action in returning the device as it's new.

    Montana is as good as it gets in current models in my view, 276CX should be better but performance seems to remain problematical from reports.
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