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Oregon vs GPSmap

Is it a big difference in the receving in the two units?.
is the Oregon weaker since there is no antenna?


  • DaveM 161 Points
    All GPS receivers have an antenna. The one on the Oregon is a different type so you don't see it. Don't worry about the signal they will both be good. Go with the one you like better. The biggest difference is the interface. The GPSMAP 64 is a push button unit and the Oregon is a touchscreen.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    I know, i have a gpsmap... thats keep turning of (se my other post).. and I'm sick and tired of it.
    I have orderd the Garmin batterypack.. if that doesnrt help.. i wil i try the Oregon
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    It's funny, we have another member who has returned a Montana and eTrex due to problems and replaced it with a GPSMap 64.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    Life its not supposed to be easy.
    I have concuded that i have bad "technological karma"
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