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Deleting multiple saved locations on computer to transfer to DriveSmart

I searched and sorry that this has been covered before.

With 450 saved locations on my DriveSmart 61 I think it's time to kill a lot of them. Many are places I went to 10-15 years ago and never went to again.

I probably want to delete as many as 200 locations and want to do it on the computer. But I believe that I read that the DriveSmart keeps a backup and that I need to kill the backup first or all the locations will just reappear.

Could someone direct me to instructions?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    It doesn't keep a back up but if you get the sequence wrong or if you've sent data to your GPS using BaseCamp or a similar program you may have issues.

    First import current.gpx into BaseCamp. Now using Windows Explorer delete ALL the gpx files in the GPX folder on your device. Now disconnect it from your PC and using the menus on your device delete all favourites.

    Now in BaseCamp edit away. When you're happy send the data to your device. BaseCamp should do this by creating a file named temp.gpx in the GPX folder on your GPS.

    Disconnect your GPS and switch it on. All your (edited) favourites should be there. Finally delete temp.gpx
  • Thank you!
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    edited April 2018
    "Finally delete temp.gpx"

    That last sentence is the key to the whole thing. Whenever your device starts up, it scans all the .gpx files. If it finds locations in a file that aren't already stored internally, they are added. So after you have confirmed that everything is the way you want on the GPS, you must delete temp.gpx. If you leave it hanging around, the next time you delete a saved location, it will come back when you start the device.
  • Success. thanks
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