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Recalculation options

On my Zumo 660 there are three recalculation options:

Auto, which recalculates a new route to the destination from wherever you are if you deviate from the device's route. Got it.

Prompt. Got that, too...So that leaves...

My question is on...

Off. If I deviate from the route, will it direct me back to the original route and have me continue from there, or will I have to find my own way back on track first? I'm curious what the behavior would be if I got off course on a custom route.


  • Boyd 1998 Points
    edited April 2018
    Turning it off just means it won't do anything if you deviate from the route. You might use this when you know a shortcut but don't feel like programming it into the device. It should have the same effect as choosing prompted and telling it not to recalculate when it asks.
  • menhir 113 Points
    A follow-up then,
    Let's say I'm following a custom route I loaded into the device.
    I leave my route for any number of reasons...
    If I leave recalculate ON, will it direct me back to the route?
    Or back to the nearest (or next) waypoint?
    Or abandon the custom route entirely and recalculate it's own solution to the destination for the remainder of the trip?

    Usually I hit the road and experiment, but the weather is still crummy and I've been going through a couple of very busy work weeks...So I decided just to ask y'all. :-)
  • sussamb 829 Points
    I believe it will direct you the next waypoint but as few of us here own Zumos try asking at
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