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File Locations on DriveSmart LMTHD

I've being using Garmin nuvi's and outdoor handheld for years and am used to working at the file level on the GPS/PC. My new (refurb) 50LMTHD is confusing me as it doesn't have a Current.gpx file (that I can find). I've figured out the ".System" folder and have found there is a DriveLog.gpx in the .System\GPX folder which has a tracklog in it that's similar to the latest Archive GPX, but it doesn't have any waypoints.

The \GPX folder only has an Archive folder and the latest file is about 2 weeks old. There doesn't seem to be any tracklogs anywhere I can find that show the recent tracklogs. I have "display tracks" turned ON so I know it's recording them.

I think I saw a Current.gpx file previously because I modified the "Home" waypoint to work with my UK Home when I was visiting there a few weeks ago.

Before I do a Factory Reset I'd like to find out what, and where, there should be current GPX files on this device.



  • alanb 557 Points
    I have a DriveLuxe 50LMTHD and it has a current.gpx file in the \GPX folder. This file should be created/refreshed, every time you connect the device to a computer in MTP or mass storage mode.
  • sussamb 961 Points
    Have you actually created any favourite locations yet? current.gpx should be in the GPX folder but I must confess I've never checked to see if it's created when there is no data.
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited October 2018
    Well, if you have used the device at all with a satellite lock, the current trip log should be in current.gpx. And if you have defined your home location, that should be there.
  • I've been using this GPS for a few months now but only for uploading a GPX route for our Miata Club tours. I don't bother with saving tracklogs and waypoints as I do with my Montana/62s/etc when I do off-road motorcycle rides, so I haven't tried to save archived tracks or save waypoints until last week when I returned from a 3 week driving holiday in England.

    There are no waypoints that I can find in any GPX files on the GPS, but I can use Where To/Saved and find lot's of waypoints including the real Home and the UK Home waypoint (by renaming Home to Home-1).

    Are there hidden files and or folders - there are 100's of Waypoints in "Saved" but none that I can access via the computer. There is definitely no Current.gpx or tracklogs from the last 2 weeks. There is an Archive file 16.gpx and a 16.tmp and 16.gpx stops a couple of days before I left the UK.

    My other GPS all seemed to stored Favourites (now Saved) in Current.gpx but I'm suspecting that this 50LMTHD has a hidden system file storing that data.

    I just looked through my Backup files and found I'd backed up the main folder (not the .System stuff) of the 50LMTHD and there IS a Current.gpx file in \GPX. Somehow it has been deleted but I'm surprised it hasn't created a new one as I've used the GPS a few times in the last week.

    Anyway, I think I'll do a Factory Reset and see if it starts working properly.

    Thanks for the input and suggestions.
  • OK - I did a Reset (Power ON, hold bottom RH corner, Erase User Data) and now I have a Current.gpx in my \GPX folder BUT I also have the last 2 routes from the Miata Club tours, plus all my custom-made maps (various .img files) are still in the \Map folder. However, I did lose all my Configuration settings, but not my custom Blue vehicle/cursor (which uses the POINT, not the centre).

    Guess Garmin's idea of User data is a little different to mine.

    So, I'm good to go.
    Thanks again
  • Boyd 2045 Points
    Garmin's ideas are usually different from mine, but this is no different from any of their automotive devices. The "hard reset" clears your saved locations, search history and menu preferences - that's all. It has never erased maps or vehicle files.
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