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DriveSmart 51 in GPS Simulation Mode

In my old nuvi260W in Simulator On mode, I could set my position to be at one of my saved Favorites. Is there a way to do this with the DriveSmart 51. It seems I have to explore my map and painfully search for the location where I want to begin. Sorry if this discussion has already taken place but I couldn't find it.


  • t923347 432 Points
    edited November 2018
    Put the GPS in simulation mode and then select the saved place you want.

    When the Go screen appears, tap the 3 bar icon to the left of Go. On the next screen, there will be a Set Location box(you may need to scroll the screen down to see this box).

    Once you tap Set Location your future routes will start from there.
  • Thank you t923347.
  • Boyd 1998 Points
    edited December 2018
    Is the Drivesmart 51 different from the Drivesmart 61? On my 61, there is no "3 bar icon". Instead, when you tap a saved location, across the bottom of the screen there are 4 buttons. An "i" for info, a "P" for parking, a forked arrow for choosing alternate routes and a "Go!" button on the right.

    You need to tap the "i" button on the left, and when you do it isn't immediately obvious how to set the location because the button does not show. You need to scroll this screen down to see the "Set Location" button at the bottom.

    So I think this is similar to the older devices, but the three bar icon has been replaced by the "i" button.
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