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Have Drive 50 LM in USA, bought SD from Garmin UK - want on my PC

I bought a factory reconditioned Drive 50 LM from Garmin, plus a microSD map of the UK. I connected the GPS to my PC and did the USA map update, and installed that onto my PC. However, the only way I can see the UK maps is to connect the GPS to my PC. That is inconvenient for my trip planning for an upcoming visit to Ireland.
Since I own the microSD from Garmin, I figured it would be an easy task to install that map onto my PC. But I cannot find any information on doing so. From my research it appears if I just bought a download file from Garmin I could put onto both my GPS and my PC; but not if I physically have the SD card? That seems illogical.

Any help on installing the UK maps from my SD card onto my PC when the GPS is not connected?



  • sussamb 829 Points
    You can copy the files from your sd card to another card or usb stick, or even a removable virtual drive. BaseCamp can then read the map from that.
  • Boyd 1998 Points
    edited December 2018

    From my research it appears if I just bought a download file from Garmin I could put onto both my GPS and my PC; but not if I physically have the SD card?

    Sorry, but your research is flawed. :) When it comes to using the map on your computer, the download version is identical to your pre-loaded data card. They are both files that are only intended for use on a GPS device. The only difference is that you may use your pre-loaded card in any Garmin GPS but the download version of the map is permanently locked to the GPS for which it was purchased and will not work on another device.

    Garmin used to sell maps on DVD that could be installed permanently on your computer for trip planning. These products were all discontinued about 3 years ago. Also, the most recent update to Garmin's Basecamp/MapInstall software broke a key feature of this type of map - you cannot send it from your computer to your GPS anymore. This happened 7 months ago and Garmin seems to have no interest in fixing the problem. It sure looks like Garmin is moving completely away from the idea of installing maps directly on your computer.

    Today, your only option for permanently installing a map on your computer is downloading an update to the pre-installed "lifetime" map on an automotive device (there is an option to also install the map on your computer). But since you have a US device, that won't help with your trip to the UK.

    Anyway, @sussamb has already offered the only "solution" to this problem. Just copy all the files from the card to another card or a USB flash drive. Basecamp should treat this the same as the original card. Note, however, this will only work on your computer. A duplicate of the original card will not work in a GPS device due to hardware copy protection.

    You could also use the techniques discussed here to create a "vitual device" . While you're there, have a look at this author's free GMTK and Device Manager programs. They are really useful utilities that every Garmin owner should have.

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