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Norfolk Island Map

Planning a trip to Norfolk Island NSW Australia and have hired a car there, I was surprised to find my GPS has no roads yet when I log into Here Mapcreator there are many. What map do I need, I have the latest CN Aus & NZ NT 2020.10 -HERE ALL map.


  • DerekW 232 Points
    Do you need a satnav to cover 50 miles of roads, no doubt the car hire company will give you a sketch map of the roads. Remember cows have priority on the Island.

    There is a printable map at

    that will give you a head start.
  • Kevin_hutch 115 Points
    edited April 2019
    Good point but as one of the Here mapcreator members, I had planned to collect any discrepancies and update the mapping data. I can still do that on line but if Garmin does not take the data it seems pointless.
  • privet01 230 Points
    Can't speak directly to what might be the reason for your lack of roads, but what is shown on HERE
    map creator seems to have no bearing on what is released as Garmin's current map update.

    The Mississippi Forensics Laboratory has been open for around five years or more along with the new roads to get to it. However the latest Garmin 2020.10 still does not show the roads. Or have the current place or the old crime lab in it's database, or at least I've not found it. I filed a map error report with Garmin about it over three updates ago. Here Map creator shows it and the new roads. Don't know how long Here has shown it though.

    My nuvi's and drivesmart are also very happy to route me via along a route that crosses a river. The only problem is the bridge has not existed in over thirty years. Hadn't told them about this one yet. Sort of lost interest in keeping them advised. None of the map errors I've reported to them have ever been fixed. Though errors I've reported to Google Maps have sometimes been fixed the same day I reported to them with a thank you from Google for making them aware of it.

  • privet01 230 Points
    If anyone is curious, the location of the bridge is 31°13'37.03"N 89° 5'14.42"W. You can clearly see on the satellite view that the bridge isn't passable. And Google Maps shows no rout-able road over it.

  • Kevin_hutch 115 Points
    There are many issues in your response, I too have supplied many edits to Here and have had most appear in the next Garmin update, in fact I currently stand with nearly 19,478 road updates to my credit including over 332 kilometres of roads. I have had old bridges removed and even a new one that is not yet built removed. Depending on the timing it may not make the next Garmin update but, in my experience, it does make the one after. Nothing is perfect and I have had some pushback on changes to main roads.
    What I have found is that most "places" in Here Mapcreator are not transferred to Garmin and many are wrongly located Garmin must source there own and there grouping differs from Here, causing confusion. I have reported that and have response from both that they are being addressed.
    I have supplied several of the same updates to Tom Tom and Google some have been implemented but the process is much more laborious and as I use Garmin heavily I gave up supplying them.
    In here Mapcreator, if I highlight a road that I have requested a change to it shows all the edits that have taken place on that road plus the status of the request.
  • Kevin_hutch 115 Points
    The Mahned road bridge over the leaf river was shown as trafficable and the satellite photo shows the bridge looks as if it has collapsed some time ago and no one has supplied that piece of information to Here Mapcreator, so I have removed that part of the road that crosses the bridge, the same as Google maps and that should show in the next Garmin update.
  • privet01 230 Points
    It will be interesting to see if that actually happens in update 2020.20 or how many later updates it takes.

    The bridge was closed just before I met my wife in 1983. She grew up only a few miles up the road from it. One end of the bridge had been vandalized when someone set fire to the decking at one end. Though well before the official bridge closing it was little used it was only one lane and the exposed wooden decking left anyone that cared to look closely doubtful as to their safety. There were also better routes with modern bridges to get where locals needed to go by that time.

    The place was used for a swimming hole during those days by some and at night it was a place for high school kids to sort out the raging hormones of adolescence. Even by the early 80's, locals privy to dark gossip would advise anyone to stay away. While the gossip may not have been factually correct, the warnings became ominous after several murders involved that location in the 90's.

    The bridge itself is on the National Register of Historic Places. Like a lot of those places, it is just decaying away. Wikipedia and Bridgehunter have some pics of it.
  • privet01 230 Points
    @Kevin_hutch -- can you tell from Here Mapcreator when the roads going to the Mississippi Forensic Laboratory were added to it? The name of the new road is Allen Stuart Drive. It branches west from state road 475 approximately 32°14'49.32"N 90° 4'48.51"W. And runs to the crime lab, ending at approximately 32°14'35.22"N 90° 5'19.38"W.

    Historical imagery in Google Earth actually shows that road well on its way to completion in December 2012. I'm curious because since I learned of Here Mapcreator's existence in one of your other postings last year, I've found many inconsistencies between where locations are correctly shown on it and not correctly shown in Garmin's map updates.
  • Kevin_hutch 115 Points
    I can only tell the history of changes I have made, so I guessed the speed limit may be 45mph and changed it to that. It now shows the history that it was accepted by an unnamed person on DEC 16 2018 @13:04 let me know what the speed limit on the road is and I will fix it.

    I also added the road between Allen Stuart Drive and old Winfield rd but have no name for it.

    Incidentally I just found the apartments I am staying in on Norfolk Island are located at 144 Taylors Rd and turns out there post box is 144 their street number is 107 so I have done some changes to Norfolk already.

    Anyone can log into Mapcreator and supply changes to roads, they are checked by a moderator before becoming public. Google and TomTom rely on publicly sourced input as well, because there are billions of roads to keep up to date with location, name, speed, surface etc. I mainly stick to roads that I travel but the satellite images often give an indication of corrections. However sometimes things have changed since the satellite image.

    As I said places in Here by and large seem not to be included in the Garmin database so you would have to take them up with Garmin as I am unaware of there source. Roads and roadside stopping places/rest areas do come from Here and I am working with Here and Garmin to correct the interpretation of them.
  • privet01 230 Points
    I don't know when I'll be down that way again. If I'm nearby and remember, I'll swing over that way and take a look.

    After I saw you or someone mention mapcreator in a post last year, I looked into it and registered. However I've been to lazy to get in there and do anything. Perhaps it's more my nature to gripe <<grin>>

    I was hoping that maybe knowing when the roads were added to Here mapcreator that we might get an idea how long it takes for Garmin to get a map that incorporates those updates. Searching through my emails to Garmin, I found that it has not been nearly as long as I thought since notifying them. I filed the map error with them on October 16, 2018. I got a response from them November 7, 2018.

    Since you say that you show change history of December 16, 2018, then maybe that is when they were added and likely past some deadline for the 2020.10 realease.

    I was still under the impression that Garmin still used Here maps on the automotive devices. Perhaps there is a more extensive review and verification of changes made in mapcreator before being passed to companies like Garmin that might be a little worried liability lawsuits resulting from changes that didn't get fully vetted. I can only imagine that whoever is initially approving the mapcreator changes is probably just doing some cursory verification that's not much more than looking at satellite imagery to see if it matches or such.

    At any rate, thanks for your help. Sorry I couldn't offer you anything toward your OP except that you aren't the only one experiencing such.

  • Kevin_hutch 115 Points
    privet01 said:

    If anyone is curious, the location of the bridge is 31°13'37.03"N 89° 5'14.42"W. You can clearly see on the satellite view that the bridge isn't passable. And Google Maps shows no rout-able road over it.

    Interesting that Google Earth Pro still has the bridge as a through road, makes you wonder about what database feeds what.

  • privet01 230 Points
    edited April 2019
    I was and am puzzled by that too. Google Maps shows the road stopping before the bridge. Google Earth Pro shows what I'd assume is a road, but maybe not, maybe it's more correctly just a right-of-way which might still exist even if the road doesn't.

    It is my understanding that the county, which I think are the owners of the bridge, could rebuild it and put it back in service if they had the money, need and desire too. However it's pretty much un-needed and being a nationally registered historic place complicates things too.

    If you pick some coordinates a little bit north and south of the bridge near the main roads and ask Google Earth Pro for directions, it does take you correctly on the navigable roads.

  • Kevin_hutch 115 Points
    Well back from Norfolk and as my data was $3/MB I left the Mapcreator updates until I returned home. I drove nearly all the roads on the island (did 20klm and noted speed limits, that was hard 40kph in the town of Burnt Pine, 30kph in Kingston and 50kph outside towns. The roads had so many patches in them that I found myself driving at 40kph most of the time anyway.
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