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Garmin Drive 51

I use a new Nuvï Garmin Drive 51 to navigate to geocache locations. In the past I had a Nuvï 50 and when I looked at the screen it displayed many geocaches icons within my driving distance. Now with my Nuvï Garmin Drive 51 my screen only displays one geocache icon (the one I selected to drive to), but not all the others. Is there a way to correct this? I would like to see all my geocache icons within my driving range displayed on the screen. Is there a setting on the unit to fix this?

Thank you ,


  • privet01 231 Points
    edited April 2019
    Assuming you have added the geocache POI's, I'd think that you need to look in settings and find something like map layers or details.

    Or is it a list you are actually wanting to see......toward that end I don't know. Garmin's changed up how they handle saved places, categories and things like that. ............... I think.

    Admittedly I'm just guessing, I don't use POI's myself.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Just one nitpick here.... there is no such thing as a "Nuvï Garmin Drive 51". Garmin discontinued the Nuvi series a number of years ago. Your device is just a "Garmin Drive 51".
  • Zemartelo 207 Points

    How are you sending the caches to the GPS? As POI's or GPX?
    As GPX then I think you need to be below a zoom level (500m?) for the icons to show.
    As POI then you need to import them with proximity alert so they will show up when you are withing the radius set for the proximity.
  • Tegiro 80 Points
    Hi all,
    Thanks for responding to my query on my "Garmin Drive 51"!
    I have never had to identify my geocaches as POIs, (sorry, but POIs were never part of the issue) and never had to zoom my altitude high or low to see the geocaches on my screen. They were all there displayed in small treasure chest icons. Only those within view of the map I was looking at.
    I will try to contact Garmin Tech to see if they know the answer,

    Thanks again.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    What kind of automotive device were you using before you got the Drive 51? Garmin has made a number of changes to the map display over the years.
  • alanb 557 Points
    How are you loading the geocaches onto the nuvi? Are you using something like GSAK or just importing a Pocket Query directly?
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