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Vehicle GPS for Geocaching.

I have a Garmin "Nuvi" 50 that I have used for years for geocaching but it is slowly dying on me.
I would like to replace it but would like some feedback as to which Garmin vehicular GPS would be the best to use for geocaching.
I usually download dozens of geocaches using a program called GSAK to my vehicle GPS and drive to them.
I then use my Garmin 60CSx to get closer to the geocaches when I leave the vehicle.
Can anyone give me some good suggestions please.


  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    Theres nothing that came out since the Nuvi 50 that is geocaching friendly. Any newer units will be more or less the same.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    I don't do geocaching, so no idea of what will support cache uploads. But (IMO) this is - hands down - the coolest vehicle GPS that Garmin has ever made, and I'd think the included topo and Birdseye subscription would be useful :)
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited April 2019
    Did you mean nuvi 500 or 550 instead of nuvi 50? I believe the old nuvi 5x0 series (circa 2007) is the only road navigator Garmin has ever made that was geocaching friendly. If you truly meant the newer nuvi 50 (circa 2011), it was an entry level device and did not have any built in geocaching features. Any modern Drive series unit would have a much richer feature set than the nuvi 50, but would still not have specific geocaching features.

    The GSAK macros that install the Geocache data on a nuvi device convert the geocaches to detailed GPX entries and install with Garmin's POI Loader program. That should still work fine on any of the modern Garmin road devices. I have used it on my 2013 nuvi 3597. The only thing that may not be acceptable is the way the modern devices decide to display (or not display) the custom POI icons while navigating. On my 3597, the geocaching icons do display while navigating in 3D mode, but the ones installed by GSAK are very tiny on the 3597 screen. That is OK for me, but some folks may not like it.
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