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Memory usage

I have a Garmin 3597. The internal memory has 253MB of 7.02GB free. The SD card has 1.80GB of 1.86GB free. All I can see on the internal memory is 95.7MB. How can I view all the files on the internal memory? What can I move to the SD card to free up some space?


  • Boyd 2027 Points
    It would help if you told us what operating system you're using. I'll assume it is Windows.The map and other important files are stored in a hidden folder named .System. Here is the easiest way to access it


    The biggest file will be the City Navigator map. The 3597 also has 3d terrain in a file named gmapdem.img that is about 1GB (IIRC). There are also some speech recognition files on that model that are rather large, about 1GB, I think.

    Something sounds odd about your SD card. From what you've posted there is nothing on it and the full size of the card is only 1.8gb. I don't think you can even get a microSD card that small.

    You may have two copies of the City Navigator map installed - one on the card and one in internal memory. This all gets rather complicated, so I'll leave it to somebody else to explain how the sort this out using Garmin's software. But I think the easiest solution wlll be installing the map on the SD card using Garmin Express. I suspect there's already a map on there and that the card is really 4gb or 8gb. If not, you might need to get a bigger card.

    Be very careful about deleting stuff from the hidden .System folder, you can make the device unusable. There's a reason why Garmin hides this folder from users. ;)
  • ruggb 181 Points
    edited June 2019
    it is a 2GB µSD. It is called OLD. My POIs are on it. I just replaced it with another OLD 4GB card. System is W10Pro, 1903 and of course some things have changed.
    The Nuvi does not appear as a Removeable Disk with a drive letter in FE. It simply looks like a folder under "This PC"
    When I click on it I see Internal Storage and Memory Card with drive icons.
    I cannot go to "This PC\nüvi 3597\System" because Windows can't find it.
    It can't find "This PC\nüvi 3597\Internal Storage\system" either.
    So how do I get it to appear as a removable drive?

  • ruggb 181 Points
    it can't find .system either
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited June 2019
    To get the .system folder and files to show you need to change your device from MTP mode to mass storage mode.

    See Boyd's comments in this post:
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Yes, sorry. On Windows you need to set the Nuvi to mass storage mode. But I would still be reluctant to mess with anything in that hidden folder. Just get a bigger SD card, they are cheap. Someone else can explain how to get Garmin Express to install the map on the card. I try to avoid using that software. ;)
  • ruggb 181 Points
    alanb said:

    To get the .system folder and files to show you need to change your device from MTP mode to mass storage mode.

    See Boyd's comments in this post:

    probably would have been better to refer me to that post in the first place.
    For others reading this:
    In the MTP Auto Detect mode the gas pump appears gold on my 3597.
    It changes to white in the Mass Storage mode
    Also you must disable Screenshots first. Otherwise you will just take a lot of pictures touching that spot.
  • ruggb 181 Points
    Now for the 2nd part of my question:
    What can I move to the SD card?
    I assume they must be in the same folder structure/path on the SD card.
    What can I delete?
    like Diag files, etc.

  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited June 2019
    You could delete 3d terrain (gmapdem.img) if you don't use it, that will save about 1gb
    You could delete 3d buildings (gmap3d.img) if you don't need them, that won't save as much
    You could delete the speech recognition files if you don't use that, will also save about 1gb
    Delete all the unused languages
    Delete all the archived versions of current.gpx, but that won't save much space

    Caveat emptor - you may create problems by doing these things... ;)

    Really, I wouldn't mess with any of this in today's world. Just get a big SD card (16gb is more than enough) and install the map on it. Express should be able to do that without messing with any files.

    No matter what you do, BACK UP THE NUVI before messing with anything. Just copy everything (including the hidden .System folder) to a folder on your computer. This could save you a lot of grief later.
  • ruggb 181 Points
    The card I have now is 4GB.
    I really do not need to delete anything if I can move them to the card.
    The Diag files appear to be useless at this point (old) so I would delete those files.

    The .system folder is 6.68GB. The folders under .System are 2.99GB
    Excluding the .System folder there is only 95.4MB used.

    If I leave the map files internal, what folders under .System can be moved to the card and would they go into root, under another .System folder or what?
    Things like ASR, BTM, Diag, Eula, ExtData, Fonts, JCV, Logs, SQLite, Trips.
    That would free up ~1.7GB
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited June 2019
    I don't think anything but the map can be moved out of the .System folder. And that should be all you'd need to do since it's the biggest file. People used to get all excited about doing this kind of thing in the past, but not so much anymore. AFAIK, you cannot have a .System folder on a memory card (it would be ignored). But maybe somebody else can be more definitive.

    I don't have the newest maps myself, but I think the current version is over 3gb so a 4gb card is looking pretty small these days. You would probably need to put gmapprom.img into the \Garmin folder on the card, or possibly a \Map folder. You might be able to put gmapdem.img and gmap3d.img in those folders too, not sure if that will work though.

    Just offhand, ASR is the speech recognition files and JCV is junction view files. I'm sure those two items are the lion's share of the 1.7gb. Not sure if these will work on a card or not, try putting them in the \Garmin folder maybe? There are some old threads about this somewhere...
  • sussamb 836 Points
    JCV files will certainly work on the card, need to be in a Garmin\JCV folder
  • ruggb 181 Points
    sounds like experimentation time. I am going to move all folders in .System to the card under Garmin and see what happens.
    If the OS recreates the folder then I assume it can't be moved.
    I just need to figure out how to test for the other functions to verify something isn't broken.
  • sussamb 836 Points
    Well I wouldn't especially as there is no need to. As Boyd said the folder is hidden for a reason, when it wasn't folks bricked their devices more frequently.
  • ruggb 181 Points
    I have not driven it yet but here is the initial results;
    These files can't be moved because the OS will just recreate them in .System

    ASR can't be moved because voice command will become unavailable
    However, all the unused language .srd & .sum files can be deleted.

    Help = everything seems to work with it on card and I think I previously deleted all the unused language files.

    BTM unknown status = it appears to have a phone ring wav file and I don't use the Nuvi for hands free.

    No indication of problems from moving these folders, yet:
    Eula = no errors seen yet
    ExtData = these are very old files and I have no idea what they are used for.
    Fonts = no indication of a problem with fonts
    JCV = need road test but I assume it will work
    Logs = no errors to record yet so I don't know if it will recreate in .System
    POI = has been running here forever
    RoadsideAssist = no idea when these icons present. I have never seen them.
    SID = no idea what these are for but nothing asked for them yet
    Trips = no trips created yet

    I have gone from 256MB to 2.03GB of 7.02GB available internal storage with those folders moved to the card. The 4GB card is now 1.82GB used, 1.85GB available.

    That seems like a good balance.
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