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What should the Ontario topo look like?

bancroft 0 Points
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I won't reprint my Magellan story here but the post is on . Bottom line is the Ontario topo download for the Crossover does not make the display look any different to me. For a 250 meg file on the SD card I at least expected a few contour lines. The Niagara Escarpment is about 70 meters high here. Has anyone installed this software successfully and what difference should I see?


  • john1 0 Points
    I downloaded topo Ontario and it seems to work well. for the area where we ride , it now has more details of roads and lakes that I did not have before. Using waypoint that I had I was able to see the extra details.I have not actually been on the trails with it yet but from fooling around with the unit in my basement I was able to see the extra detail and am quite happy with the results.With this said you cannot do anything else that I can see. Vantage point is not compatable as a viewer, Mapsend lite v2 is also not compatible either. they did not think this thru,it is only for the other units. Hopefully the will add a viewer for the crossover soon.I will try to view your area later when i have some time.
  • Thanks for your quick reply, when I email Magellan support it usually takes a week or so! I seem to remember Ottawa has some decent elevation changes from the Hill down to the river. When you view your own locale do you see any contour lines on your Magellan? If you don't, is it because Ottawa is too flat for 30m resolution, or do the topo maps simply not have any contour lines?
  • john1 0 Points
    just outside ottawa where we 4 wheel i punched in one of my waypoints and it does give me elevation but you have to be within the scale of 5 km. it is sometimes hard to see but they it is there.the elevation number are sort of out to the sides. that is wat i noticed . i have to go out now but i will try to look around some more later.
  • OK, if I go to outdoor then map and provided I use a reasonable zoom scale and am near an elevation change of more than 30m I should get visible contour lines maybe with elevations along the edge of the screen. I did some experiments to see whats up, all using the 2 km scale (screen width about 7 km). When I deselect all maps I do see a contour line for the Niagara Gorge and Escarpment (expected at 90m resolution) plus 2 major highways and the international boundary, but no elevation numbers. When I select USA map I get the same thing, but now there is stuff showing up just across the border. Now, when I select Ontario, I get all kinds of cool topo stuff at this zoom like parks, hydro lines, railways, water, minor roads etc. But instead of seeing additional contours for the 30m resolution all such lines have vanished. So its mostly working except for this annoying bug. I have an email out to Magellan support, its been about a week so maybe I will hear back from them soon
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