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Transferring maps from DVD to SD card

herbzman 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Bought DVD with maps of USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico from eBay seller. Cannot open the files on the DVD. I assume they are .map files. Can I tranfer the files to 2 GB SD card? If so how do I do that?


  • HMM???? We might have bought from same seller.

    Mine came with instructions on how to transfer.

    Yours didn't?
  • No mine did not. My DVD came from a seller in Westmount, Quebec. Could you email me a copy of instructions if I send you my email address? Thanks.
  • Sure. I can scan my sheet and send it to you.
  • Great! Send to Thanks.
  • If you wouldn't mind, can you send me a copy of the instructions as well...

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